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  1. Higher gun versus Collision rule

    [QUOTE=Angiolillo;439052]Good day.
    I'd say that the rules are both applied. The situation is not static - the two planes are moving while the one with the upper Lewis is trying to fire and both risk to collide into each other, maybe after bullets are exchanged.

    So, when the firing plane has a higher machinegun and a target overlaps its firing cone...

    Target plane one level higher: fire at it long range.
    Target plane at same level with climb counters, firing ...
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  2. Unified fighters' forward firing arcs - a problem

    [QUOTE=Angiolillo;389944]Designer note: the standard fighters' cone is somehow "broad", and not just a "fire in front" cone, because planes are not allowed to turn any inclination as in reality. WW1 fighters, for example, can only turn 60° or more.
    Blue Max allow you to fire only in the row of hexes in front of you. if a plane is two hexes away from another, but they are not in the same row of hexes, they can not fiore each other no matter which orientation they have even ...
  3. Point system for Wings of Glory

    [QUOTE=Angiolillo;200936]Updated values. Original post quoted under for comparison and notes.

    Albatros C.III 81
    Albatros D.II fire A 78
    Albatros D.II fire B 58
    Albatros D.III 79
    Albatros D.Va 82
    Bristol F2B Fighter B/B 91
    Bristol F2B Fighter A/B 111
    Bristol F2B Fighter B/A 111
    Bristol F2B Fighter AB/A 147
    Fokker Dr.I 85
    SPAD XIII 85
    Sopwith Camel 86
    Halberstadt CL.II 90
    Sopwith Triplane fire A ...
  4. Gun jams

    Andrea had this to say:
    [QUOTE]Jamming twin guns (A firing planes)
    When you fire with an A weapon, that represents twin guns, you could jam one of the machineguns or, more rarely, both of them.
    If you are at short distance, you jam a machinegun if target picks up a jammed Damage card, you jam both of them if he picks up two of them. Firing at long distance, you jam both of them if the target picks the 0 red jammed Damage card, only one if he picks the 2 red or a green jammed Damage ...
  5. Snoopy card!

    [QUOTE=Biggles downunder;487017]Try this one: