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  1. The Ponnier M.1 Climb Rate, or All Climb Rates Are Not Created Equal

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    Looking through various aircraft ratings and seeing that perhaps the Ponnier's climb rate (according to the good work the unofficial stats committee does for the rest of us) is on the low side. Comparing rates of climb using the Wings of Linen site, and averaging when applicable if the is a variation of climb time. The numbers in parenthesis are the game climb rates):

    Nieuport N.11 - 3000 meters in 17.33 minutes - 568 feet per minute (4)
    Nieuport N.16 - 3000 meters in 10.17
  2. The Next Projects

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    Guntruck's Turkish Halberstadt D.V

    Previously I have mentioned some of my upcoming projects, like the Ponnier M.1, but now I have placed a Shapeways order that have the following planes winging their way to my door, in Gray PA12:
    Albatros C.I - XD Deck
    Halberstadt D.V - Q Deck (Turkish)
    Morane Saulnier Type AI - N Deck (David Putnam MS156)
    Nieuport 17 (Vickers) - I Deck (Russian)
    Nieuport 23 - I Deck (Belgian) ...
  3. The Shapeways Siemens-Schuckert D.I Project - Part VII

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    After painting with colors that did not turn out well, stripping said paints, then going back and using the AK Interactive set of German WWI colors, the last step was to add Mark I decals which brought the D.I to life. A coat of matte varnish and gluing a peg ends this project. Lessons learned along the way to be applied to future projects.
  4. Another Project - The Ponnier M.1

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    One of the smallest of Great War fighters, which might have led to its perceived poor performance as being nose heavy. Nungesser disliked the plane, and unknown (at the time) Willi Coppens did not want to fly it either. But Coppens would have had no "clout" in 1916, and Nungesser was performing acrobatics at 200 meters in an unfamiliar plane was led to him being injured.

    However, I feel that the Ponnier has been unfairly represented. ...
  5. Extra Decks - E Deck

    This decision is super easy - I already have the plane for this deck nearly painted!

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    Image from Reduced Aircraft Factory

    The E Deck is a nice early war deck in terms of maneuverability. Speed is about the same as its contemporaries, and with the broad left and right sideslips it is a joy of a deck to use. Plane options are very limited, being just the Nieuport 11 and the Siemens-Schuckert D.I, and it is the latter plane that I have ...

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