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  1. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s ‘Origins’ Odyssey - June 2023

    The Prologue:

    The Long and Winding Road that was the 3.5 Year Run-Up to my ‘Origins’ trip.

    It was back in late October of 2019 that Matt56 (Harry Materne) sent me a PM, informing me that I had been chosen as the 9th Lend Lease Participant, and that I had been invited to go to the ‘Origins’ Game Fair to be held in June of 2020.

    It was a great honour to be chosen – I at once arranged holiday (vacation?) time from work, and then accepted this ...
  2. The Projects Are Now Piling Up!

    I recently received a few of the Gray PA12 planes from Shapeways to start working on. Alas, for four orders in a row Shapeways has jacked something up, in this case sending a second Halberstadt D.V instead of the Albatros C.I I ordered. At least their service has been good when handling these errors, but they could charge less per plane if they didn't have such errors adding into their costs!

    The rest of the order consists of a Nieuport N.17 (will be painted Russian), a Nieuport N.23 ...
  3. Table Top Flights

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    The planes come labeled in ziplock style bags

    I received my order from Table Top Flights the other day. Table Top Flights? Member mikejr74 is offering planes for a heck of a great price and they are very clean prints. The range is rather large, with both 1:144 World War One and 1:200 World War Two aircraft available. I'll leave it to him to post more about his products, but I am very happy with the quality of the prints and the service. I sent ...
  4. The Ponnier Project - Part III

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    Closing in on the final painting touches, then off to sort decals, but the Table Top Flights' Ponnier is nearing completion!

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    Table Top Flights
  5. The Ponnier Project - Part II

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    The ongoing saga of the best fighter of The Great War....

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    Time to get moving a bit more forward on this project, the Ponnier M.1 made by 'Drome member mikejr74 (Table Top Flights). Today sees a coat of primer - well, it is really a coat of Testor Panzer Gray, but it works as a good primer. Keep in mind that the digital camera on the cell phone really makes everything stand out, and in this case the ...

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    Table Top Flights