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  1. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 4: Choks Away, Chaps!


    Enough of sightseeing, gentlemen, today we'll fly. There are two missions over enemy's territory and a training one. Make notes, you need to know what to do in the air.

    We (me and 2 Andreas) prepared the mats and system. The hall is ok, conditioned to a fine temperature and players of medieval tactical games are already playing (on a photo). In the second hall there are players of ASL - terribly quiet in deep concentration.

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    European Master 2022
  2. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 3: Walking All Around


    Friday, not quite a gaming day, but I have still something to see.
    Tickets for buses are not for sale in Tobacco Stores anymore so let's play an infantry role and use my own legs for a walk.

    The first stop was near Piazza Venezia that really remind me my visit of that city.

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    If you're thinking when I'm standing, it is Altare della Patria. Really huge monument. I though I've seen many monumental ...
  3. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 2: Through the City


    I like to stay somewhere during workdays. Maybe you have the same experince as me: the place (whatever which one) is different than during weekdays. So I woke up, had a breakfast (well, Italians know why they love coffee) and headed to the Villa Doria Pamphilj park for a walk and, uhm, few geocaches (don't know if you're familiar with this almost childish game but I'm in it for 15 years and just can't help myself). I found three there.

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    European Master 2022
  4. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 1: Heading to South


    I wrote a blog about "Journey of My Life" to Origins, OH, USA and I must say I remind it to myself many times. Roberto, Andrea and IWF are trying something new - European Master - so let's try it once again.

    The original plan is fly to Rome, stay in private acommodation (thanks, Andrea), discover the eternal city (never been there yet) and than participate in tournament. Let's see how it will be.

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    European Master 2022
  5. Two seater Rear Gunner Effectiveness - another idea

    [QUOTE=OldGuy59;566790][QUOTE=Blackronin;566785]I think that everyone should play the way they want. If a movie like Flyboys can be made, hey!, you can fly in reverse if you can convince someone to play that way. :)

    I love to go against 2 seaters and I don't really like to play with them unless it is in a given scenario.

    I use the following house rules combined with official rules to make it spicy and interesting:

    [B]Ace gunners:[/B]
    +1 Aim bonus ...