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  1. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 12: Toronto Islands


    I had most a free day today. After more than week in cities I needed a break and escape to nature. There are several islands south of Toronto - they call them (surprisingly) Toronto Islands. So I slept well and went for a ferry (7.50$ for both ways seems OK). I had to wait a while for my ferry but then I boat to Hanlan's point near Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (a cool name, what do you think?). The airport is small and I was seeing just prop planes during the day. ...

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    Origins 2016
  2. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 11: Back to Canada


    Today is my challenge day. I'm flying from Columbus to Toronto via Washington DC and have there only 1 hour to change my flight. The travel to the airport was OK - no problems, no late. I even met a Czech who lives here for a long time (25+ years) and it was a nice meeting.
    Now I'm waiting in Canadair CRJ-700, flight UA6213 and hope everything will run smoothly.

    Ready to Fly, sir!
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    Good ...

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  3. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 10: Downtown


    After a beautiful game full of discovering campus I had a free day today. I woke late, but there wasn't a reason for being an early bird today (may be temperatures?).
    Let me tell few words about how we Europeans imagine America. OK, Indians and cowboys are off the game, but for many of us, America is something like land of skyscrapers with wide streets, yellow cabs and always overcrowded with people with Starbucks coffee in their hands. America is like in series Friends, ...

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    Origins 2016
  4. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 9: University Campus and Bookshop


    The first morning when I did not have any duties. I woke up early and cough a bus to the airport. First recomandation: Have as many 1$ banknotes as possible. Every time." Bus don't give you change back. During my first bus drive, I should pay 2$,but have just 1.50$. Drive told me that today I am 10 years old and let me go. In the second bus I had to pay whole 5$ instead 2.75$. Life's that.
    I needed to go to the airport because I am still little nervous about ...

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    Origins 2016
  5. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 8: The Air Force Museum, Dayton


    Today I must woke up really early - we needed to be in Museum about 9 o'clock. So I packed all things to my two bags and went to the lobby waiting for Andy. Unfortunately, he slept really hard so he could join us. We (me, Keith and Ken) to Dayton where the Museum is. After a quick breakfast in McDonald we arrived there about 8:45 and took a short walk in a park - it is nice how Americans like their veterans and soldiers.
    Harry (matt56) joined us right before enter ...

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