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  1. Luke and Lothar Have Arrived

    Within the last week or so I have been able to buy a couple of planes (one from eBay and one from a member here)...Frank Luke and Lothar von Richthofen. I already have the Rahn Fokker Dr.I, and have shied away from the Red Baron Syndrome (similar to the Maus Syndrome of WWII), but wanted another strange looking Dr.I, so Lothar was going for a good price and has found his way into my small but slowly growing collection. And of course I just HAD to have another American plane as having only one ...
  2. Scenario 2 begins!

    [SIZE=4]March 5, 1918 16:00

    Scenario 2[/SIZE]

    The air was chilly and still. A light drizzle had fallen most of the day and a low fog had kept planes grounded. So many hands of Hearts had been played, that when the call for the pilots came, the complaints were half-hearted at best. As the planes were rolled out and fueled, the spotty cloud and still wind promised an evening of good flying. As two RE8s took off in succession, the aerodromes in the Arras sector ...

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  3. Shapeways and the Pfalz

    For the last few weeks I have been doing several flyovers at the Shapeways site. I have been able to resist purchasing anything to this point because I am lazy. I like the fact that I do not have to build, paint, and add decals in order to play Wings of War/Glory. Out of the box, onto the gaming table, simple. Add to the fact that at times the Shapeways products can be "gritty" looking has made it easier to resist the Shapeways temptation. That may have changed....


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  4. Blog? Another Stinkin' Blog?

    Not sure why I am doing this, other that at this moment the Wings of, Glory...bug has bitten me again. We gamed a bit of WoW (darn it, I will never get used to WoG) several days ago, and I enjoy the ease of the rules and the fact I do not have to do any painting! I am now committed to hosting some WoW games at my place over the next few months, so the bug should be hard to kill.

    I run a few blogs already, ranging from gaming to history, so this blog will see only the most ...

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  5. Welcome to Vella Lavella!

    Welcome to Black Sheep One's WoW/WoG blog!

    A bit about myself:

    I am a history buff, geek, gamer. I was introduced to this wonderful game at Origins in 2012. Now I am hooked! Plus, as an added benefit, I have met wonderful new wingmen (friends). I will try to keep this blog up-to-date as much as I can. Drop me a line sometime...