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  1. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 4: Choks Away, Chaps!


    Enough of sightseeing, gentlemen, today we'll fly. There are two missions over enemy's territory and a training one. Make notes, you need to know what to do in the air.

    We (me and 2 Andreas) prepared the mats and system. The hall is ok, conditioned to a fine temperature and players of medieval tactical games are already playing (on a photo). In the second hall there are players of ASL - terribly quiet in deep concentration.

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    European Master 2022
  2. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 1: Heading to South


    I wrote a blog about "Journey of My Life" to Origins, OH, USA and I must say I remind it to myself many times. Roberto, Andrea and IWF are trying something new - European Master - so let's try it once again.

    The original plan is fly to Rome, stay in private acommodation (thanks, Andrea), discover the eternal city (never been there yet) and than participate in tournament. Let's see how it will be.

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    European Master 2022
  3. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 15: Landing


    8:30 (CEST)
    I'm in the last plane (Embraer E190) and waiting to take off. I had only 40 minutes from landing to take off. I run. I really run and went by a train between two terminals, passed passport control and was ready for boarding. Yes!
    Two other guys from my previous flight are comming. The are late! We should be in air now!
    I just passes "my" Dreamliner - they are just unloading it. I wonder if my bag will be in Prague.

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    Origins 2016
  4. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 7: Diversity and Invitational Game


    Today was a big day. When I woke up I was looking forward to playing my favourite games again. When we (me and Andy, today I was a little late) came to the Buckeye Gamers in Flight site the WWI mission was already running (Dragon Hunt) and Ann was just preparing her Sails of Glory mission. I played Sails only once on Prague Summer Con '16 (Sven was a GM) so I tried again. I jumped into with Chris, my wingmen, and we played British fleet with a mother charming lady and her ...

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    Origins 2016
  5. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 6: Game Mastering and Others


    Andy was late. Me and Keith were waiting for him for, but we serrendered and went for a breakfast without him. He cough is in a que and we took our boxes and continued to the main hall.
    I was little nervous - the day started with my WWII mission called Sky Over the Railyard. I usually run missions in Prague without being nervous, but this mission was special. My own design of gaming mat (my hometown Havlíčkův Brod - you can look on Google Maps) with combination ...

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    Origins 2016
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