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  1. Two More Scenarios, Better Personal Success!

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    Due to some last minute issues we moved this month's gaming session to Smitch's place (thanks for that flexibility, Smitch!). We wanted to use some early war planes just to give them a try and because they look pretty cool. Four of us (including Adler64) were present, so I took Buddecke's Fokker E.III, Adler had Immelman's E.III, which Smitch had a Morane, and Bob (not a forum member) choose the super DH.2. We had two mats and came in from one side each, with Adler and I moving north/south, Smitch
  2. Suffren's Storage/Transport Solution

    Nothing original today, but I m blogging this post from Suffren as it has some great ideas and I want to be able to refer to it easily. Well done, Suffren!

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    Over the last weeks I have noticed a plethora of threads concerning various approaches to a storage solution. Bottom line: there is no storage solution (definitive, at least) and all solutions will never cover all one's needs for now and forever. We can try to find something workable just the same.

    Being a cheapskate
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  3. Local Gaming Convention

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  4. Aerodrome Accessories Orders/New Birds/Readings

    Very recently I placed two orders a few days apart for some new toys. Rulers, fire and smoke markers (for scouts, bombers, and balloons), and three aircraft (Fokker E.III, Airco DH.2, and the Aviatik D.I). I wanted to enhance my gaming table a bit with the rulers and damage markers, and wanted a couple of early war kites to use. The Linke-Crawford Aviatik just looks so COOL I had to scoop up one of those as well.

    Ordering from AA, as I am sure you all know, is very easy. Turnaround ...
  5. Scenario 2 Turns 14-15

    [SIZE=4]Turn 14[/SIZE]
    The RE8 from 16 Sqn (Counter 2) has one hex left to recon, but a navigation error sends them further into Hun land than they wanted. Little do they know, a German flight has just launched from Phalempin and is heading towards them.

    To the south of Lens, 43 Sqn (Counter 6) spots the remaining planes of Jasta 11. Intending to drive them off, ...

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