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  1. Battle over the trenches - Mission 1

    Dear Nadine,

    Thank you for the last letter you sent, I received it just before departing to the front. After several weeks of bad weather that kept us ground but for a few short orientation flights, we finally some action.

    I lead a Flight of two Albatros D.III's piloted by Wolfgang and Niklas on a morning patrol. We crossed our lines at around 10 O'clock and immediately spotted the two enemy Neiuports high above us. They must not have seen us right way as they did ...
  2. Georges Guynemer Spad Repaint Project

    This is a summary of my Georges Guynemer Spad Repaint Project:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Cowman View Post
    As a favor to CappyTom I will be taking a Nexus Baracca Spad XIII mini and repainting it to match the paint job of Georges Guynemer's French Spad VII.

    I was wondering if any of the more experienced modelers here would mind suggesting some paint colors to match the scheme as closely as possible?

    I hope to take a few pictures as I go... at least I don't have to worry about cutting

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  3. iPhone/iPad hobbying

    [QUOTE=ste_marthe;50458]Hey guys and gals,

    I've just got into making apps for iOS but i'm not developer. I just enjoy learning that stuff.

    Anyways, I had a couple of ideas in my head about a fun app to get to learn to program but I wanted to know what you guys would like to see as a free app (it's really just for fun) to make our life easer when playing Wings of War.

    I wanted to make maybe a quick reference guide, or damage counter anything that is practice ...
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  4. Hello

    Hey all mynaneis crystal I live in Columbus Ohio aim new to wings of war my hubby's is in wings of war to it's very fun
  5. Plastic wings for the AEG G.IV

    I've started to build my AEG G.IV with the plastic wings that I replicated


    Wings with fuselage after it has been filled and filed......


    Lower wing glued to fuselage......

    [IMG][/IMG] ...