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  1. General Overview of WWI Miniatures - Timeline and Theaters 2016

    [QUOTE=OldGuy59;311156]My first kick at the can [up to 10th edit (Post #36), edits, confirmations, references], trying to emulate Dan-Sam's WWII line-up of minis to conflicts. Was this an eye-opener! I actually have a few interesting options for what was supposed to be a Western Front collection. This is including the proposed Series 9 release, and some substitution suggestions for existing models. I'm not knowledgeable enough to sort out which planes flew where, but I know there are lots of ...
  2. My Gimbal Installation Method

    [QUOTE=BryanR;31627]I received my gimbals in the mail from Aerodrome Accessories. Now I just needed to figure out a good way to install them.


    I was planing on gluing the ball part into the plane, and mounting the ring part on a stand like Col. Hajj suggests. I even ordered a bunch of extra ball bearings so I could switch out all my minis, and future minis with the ringed pegs. But I couldn't bring my self to drill into my minis, so I opted ...
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  3. Strategy Advice


    Wings of Glory ● Campaign Rules and Awards
    Crash survival:
    • Roll 2d6:
    6 or less: KIA
    7: survives landing but dies of wounds (DOW)
    8: severely injured; must skip 2d6 missions; may fly again thereafter
    9: injured; must skip 1d6 missions; may fly again thereafter
    10: bruised; must skip 1 mission; may fly again thereafter
    11+: unharmed; may fly again immediately ...
  4. My humble collection Feb 2018


    Having read the forum posts here for several years and finally signing up recently, I thought I would share my Wings of Glory collection as it stands this month.

    Of course it all began years ago with this lovely gift:
    Sadly my kids have accidentally broken my WW1 planes so those WW1 planes will be some of my next purchases this summer.

    For now my focus has been on 1/144 scale ...

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  5. Surprise in Games

    [QUOTE=surfimp;432675]I am pleased to find this thread, as I too have been pondering ways to introduce the element of surprise in WoG, to try to emulate the effect of being bounced by a previously-unseen enemy.

    My take works as follows, using only the contents of the WGF RAP box:

    - Game is to be played on a 140cm x 100cm play surface (i.e. two WoG mats butted together on their long edges)
    - Divide players into Attackers and Defenders.
    - Defender deploys fully ...