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  1. The Voss Effect

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    I have been working a bit with camelbeagle on a Voss scenario. Well, Dan has been doing most of the work, but I have been making a few suggestions about setup, aircraft, using more accurate climb rates, that sort of thing. For those who do not know, I have a side business - I give tours and talks related to the Civil War - American that is. So, historical accuracy is fairly important to me. Dan has planned a four on four fight, simply to keep the amount ...
  2. Extra Decks - M Deck

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    Ah, the M Deck and its sole plane, the Sopwith Snipe. Personally I think this was one of the biggest wastes of production that Ares was involved in, developing a plane that saw little to no service (less than one hundred were in France in November 1918), yet because of the M Deck, Wings players use this plane a bit too much on the gaming table. Ares could have been producing more common aircraft instead, like Roland D.IIs and D.VIs, B.E.2s, F.E.2s,etc., ...
  3. The Next Obscure Project - The Euler D.I

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    Wrapping up the Pfalz Dr.I when decals arrive, having another go at the SS D.I since I hated how the paint scheme turned out, looking towards a Roland D.IIa for the Eastern Front, and one more crazed idea...a Euler D.I! I posted about this obscure plane last year, and might tackle one in one of two directions:

    1. Ares Chaput N.11 repaint, cutting off the Lewis gun or
    2. Reduced Aircraft Factory Shapeways N.16 with the synchronized gun
  4. Those 103rd Aero Boys

    Just a piccie of the various 103rd Aero SPAD C.VIIs I have - Soubiran (Ares), Baer (R.A.F.), Biddle (R.A.F.), and another Baer in which I painted the cowling a different color. Deep Cut Studios mat is the playing surface. The 103rd used the SPAD VII into July and perhaps August 1918.

    The SPAD VII is one of those planes that does not seem to do well in Wings (due to a tendency ...
  5. Blog? Another Stinkin' Blog?

    Not sure why I am doing this, other that at this moment the Wings of, Glory...bug has bitten me again. We gamed a bit of WoW (darn it, I will never get used to WoG) several days ago, and I enjoy the ease of the rules and the fact I do not have to do any painting! I am now committed to hosting some WoW games at my place over the next few months, so the bug should be hard to kill.

    I run a few blogs already, ranging from gaming to history, so this blog will see only the most ...

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