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  1. Extra Decks - I Deck

    It is one of my favorite mid-war decks. While the speed is average, the broad sideslips give this deck an advantage over the V Deck of the Albatros D.I/D.II and the J Deck of the Albatros D.III and Pfalz D.III.

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    Selecting a plane to use with my one extra I Deck is much easier than my N Deck conundrum. Options are the Fokker D.V, the Morane-Saulnier Type V, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 17bis, Nieuport 21, Nieuport 23, and the Airco DH-5.
  2. Extra Decks - N Deck

    The speedy and maneuverable N Deck - most noted for use with the S.E.5a, but there are a few other planes that use the N Deck that are often overlooked.

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    I have a couple of N Decks waiting to be utilized. The choices are the Phönix D.III, Morane-Saulnier Type AI, Bristol M.1C, Martinsyde F.4, the aforementioned S.E.5a, and the Sopwith Dolphin. Admittedly these are all rather late war planes, and some experienced little to no service. Most also ...
  3. Extra Decks - B Deck

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    The B deck - one I would say is not coveted by most Wings players because it doesn't have those sexy curves or sharp sideslips, but if players use this deck as the planes were used, with a lot of diving and climbing, it is one that can be used successfully. B deck planes are the Albatros D.III (Oef 153), Albatros D.V and D.Va, Caudron R.11, SPAD C.VII, and Airco DH.9A. These are all solid offerings, but with the gaps in my collection leaning towards ...
  4. Extra Decks - Q Deck

    Delving into finding planes for the extra decks I have, matching planes that have quality plane cards to use, and that are available via full color or Gray PA12 Shapeways offerings, as well as fitting them into the collection so as to get some use!

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    Ah, the Q Deck - an okay deck with speed, a hard left and right turn, but only two soft sideslips. My choices of planes for this deck are the Aviatik D.I, the Phönix D.II/D.IIa, the Halberstadt ...
  5. So, I Have These Extra Decks...

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    Like many of you I buy maneuver decks as I can. A recent eBay purchase brought several into the humble abode, and then there has been the kindness of others who have sent spares as a result of my endless begging. Most of the latter have been for specific planes in the collection, but now I have some extras and so the great exercise begins of purchasing more planes in order to take advantage of those extra decks. But it is not simply a matter of buying ...