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  1. January's work bench

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    Albatros B1, Albatros C1, and another Caudron G4
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    Might run into February as things are stacking up
  2. Wings of War and Glory - Chapter 7: Heavy Bird

    [B][I]November 28, 1915[/I][/B]

    The wind subsided suddenly over the front. And the weather got better with sunny cold days and no clouds. Then the orders came yesterday. I had to escort one of the new big bombers to make a bomb run into a small village where the French high command was staying for a big meeting. The information was very accurate and we had a small window of opportunity. A big fat and strange new kind of bomber landed in our aerodrome in late afternoon and was promptly ...
  3. Wings of War and Glory - Interlude 3: Cold Cold Wind

    [B][I]November 22, 1915[/I][/B]

    For more than two weeks now the wind has been blowing without stopping. No flying. Drinking. Waiting. Checking planes and talking about tactics. I was able to put my hands on a camera and take some photos. I also had a photo taken of me:


    Tobias Newmann kept to himself after his first ...
  4. The Kindness of Strangers - Interlude 1 – A Letter from the Land of the Soviets

    [I][B]June, 13 1940[/B][/I]

    "What's the long face, Joachim? Bad news?" "More or less Dave..." "I hope everything will work well for you. Is it that a letter from the Soviet Union?" "Yes." "Kyte! Kyte! Come here quickly. And bring that bottle of gin your uncle sent you! I think we'll learn a little more about our... aaah... international friend here!" "I'm coming!" "So, Joachim, share your pains with us, your comrades ...
  5. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 4 – 3000 or More - Part 2

    [B][I]May 30, 1940[/I][/B]
    "Dover! I thought we wouldn't make it." "How can I get back to my aerodrome?" "We'll see to it, don't you worry." Thank you, Captain." "No my boy. Thank you. If you weren't up there we wouldn't make it. Those Stukas are merciless." "I'm happy to be of help." "Your clothes are already dry. You can dress them. An Infantry Captain named Stewart wants to speak with you before you leave." "Very ...