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  1. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 8: The Air Force Museum, Dayton


    Today I must woke up really early - we needed to be in Museum about 9 o'clock. So I packed all things to my two bags and went to the lobby waiting for Andy. Unfortunately, he slept really hard so he could join us. We (me, Keith and Ken) to Dayton where the Museum is. After a quick breakfast in McDonald we arrived there about 8:45 and took a short walk in a park - it is nice how Americans like their veterans and soldiers.
    Harry (matt56) joined us right before enter ...
  2. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 7: Diversity and Invitational Game


    Today was a big day. When I woke up I was looking forward to playing my favourite games again. When we (me and Andy, today I was a little late) came to the Buckeye Gamers in Flight site the WWI mission was already running (Dragon Hunt) and Ann was just preparing her Sails of Glory mission. I played Sails only once on Prague Summer Con '16 (Sven was a GM) so I tried again. I jumped into with Chris, my wingmen, and we played British fleet with a mother charming lady and her ...
  3. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 6: Game Mastering and Others


    Andy was late. Me and Keith were waiting for him for, but we serrendered and went for a breakfast without him. He cough is in a que and we took our boxes and continued to the main hall.
    I was little nervous - the day started with my WWII mission called Sky Over the Railyard. I usually run missions in Prague without being nervous, but this mission was special. My own design of gaming mat (my hometown Havlíčkův Brod - you can look on Google Maps) with combination ...
  4. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 5: First Time on a Boardgame Convention


    I couldn't sleep well, so it was a good opportunity to make some work on my trains. I did a complete one (photos will be tomorrow, after my mission) and prepared for receiving my Origins badge. When I met Andrzej in the hall we went there and after few minutes we have our badges on our necks. So, what next? Of course, breakfast. Fully "English" one, but help me be awake for the whole day.

    Good Morning, Columbus
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  5. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 4: The Longest Day


    Wake up, sleeper, it's time!
    After just 4.5 hours in my bed I need to continue with packing. One half empty big bag (said anyone magical word "Sails"?) and one much smaller as my personal laguage. Everything is done, let's go for a tram.

    Waiting in the hall, checked-in with all three boarding passes, big bag somewhere for security control. Bad news is that I must take it in Toronto and go through whole procedure again. Our ...

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