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  1. Mission #12 Replay of Mission 3B Balloon Busting.

    After a LONG LONG break the war has recommenced!!

    Type: Balloon Busting
    Players: Central Powers: Steve B. (me) (Tan D111), and Steve S.(Grey D111)
    Allies: Gary (Spad VII),) and Mathew (Sopwith Triplane)
    Setup: per scenario rules.
    Allies - two balloons with 4 random Ground Targets and one random ground target revealed to be trenches.
    Results: CP: 1 Mission point, Allies: 1 mission points. The CP advanced the game to 1917 with this tie.
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  2. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Solo Campaign: Chapter 16 – Canal Battle - Part Two

    [I][B]July 18, 1940[/B][/I]

    [I]"What are you doing, Joachim?"
    "Waiting. Thinking. Worrying."
    "Yes. That's what I usually do."
    How do you cope with it, Kyte?"
    "I drink."
    "That works..."
    "I'll get the bottle and two glasses."[/I]

    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  3. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Solo Campaign: Chapter 16 – Canal Battle - Part One

    [I][B]July 18, 1940[/B][/I]

    [I][B]WAAF Louise Stone:[/B] "Yellow Section Leader! Yellow Section Leader! Over!"
    [B]PO Dave Sailor:[/B] "This is Yellow Leader. Listening. Over!"
    [B]WAAF Louise Stone:[/B] "Hello sir. I'm your angel for today. My name is Louise. Bandits coming east of your Section. Another squadron is engaging but they need cover. ETA two minutes. Over."
    [B]PO Dave Sailor:[/B] "You heard the lady, boys. Let's go ...

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  4. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 15: Landing


    8:30 (CEST)
    I'm in the last plane (Embraer E190) and waiting to take off. I had only 40 minutes from landing to take off. I run. I really run and went by a train between two terminals, passed passport control and was ready for boarding. Yes!
    Two other guys from my previous flight are comming. The are late! We should be in air now!
    I just passes "my" Dreamliner - they are just unloading it. I wonder if my bag will be in Prague.
  5. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 14: Ice and Air


    My last day on the west side of Atlantic Ocean started about 8 o'clock. Just woke up, made my bag and went to another one of my dream - Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
    When I was a boy, I collected cards with hockey players. It was a huge wave of interesting about ice hockey in my generation and I had a pretty fat album. I was (and still I'm) a huge fan of San José Sharks and I was a little said when he lost Stanley Cup in the 6th match of Final series. ...