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  1. The End of a Baer

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    Paul F. Baer in front of his SPAD S.VII

    As members of the forum may know, I have some great interest in the Escadraille Americaine/Lafayette Escadrille/103rd Aero. I have a few planes to represent the various stages of this squadron, ranging from two Nieuport N.11 repaints, to the Thaw/Lufbery Nieuport N.17, to four SPAD S.VIIs for the 103rd Aero. Also, one of the interesting American pilots of the war, and one who was the American Ace of Aces ...
  2. The Ponnier M.1 Climb Rate, or All Climb Rates Are Not Created Equal

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    Looking through various aircraft ratings and seeing that perhaps the Ponnier's climb rate (according to the good work the unofficial stats committee does for the rest of us) is on the low side. Comparing rates of climb using the Wings of Linen site, and averaging when applicable if the is a variation of climb time. The numbers in parenthesis are the game climb rates):

    Nieuport N.11 - 3000 meters in 17.33 minutes - 568 feet per minute (4)
    Nieuport N.16 - 3000 meters in 10.17
  3. Extra Decks - B Deck

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    The B deck - one I would say is not coveted by most Wings players because it doesn't have those sexy curves or sharp sideslips, but if players use this deck as the planes were used, with a lot of diving and climbing, it is one that can be used successfully. B deck planes are the Albatros D.III (Oef 153), Albatros D.V and D.Va, Caudron R.11, SPAD C.VII, and Airco DH.9A. These are all solid offerings, but with the gaps in my collection leaning towards ...
  4. Those 103rd Aero Boys

    Just a piccie of the various 103rd Aero SPAD C.VIIs I have - Soubiran (Ares), Baer (R.A.F.), Biddle (R.A.F.), and another Baer in which I painted the cowling a different color. Deep Cut Studios mat is the playing surface. The 103rd used the SPAD VII into July and perhaps August 1918.

    The SPAD VII is one of those planes that does not seem to do well in Wings (due to a tendency ...
  5. Book Review - Hoosier Aviator Paul Baer: America's First Combat Ace

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    I've had this small History Press book for several months now, and have read it twice. I thought others might be interested in a bit of a book review.

    Book details: Hoosier Aviator Paul Baer: America's First Combat Ace, written by Tony Garel-Frantzen. Published 2017, History Press. 128 pgs. Photos.

    This is a decently written book about the first American ace of the Great War, Indiana native Paul Baer, the first United States ...

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