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  1. Another Project - The Ponnier M.1

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    One of the smallest of Great War fighters, which might have led to its perceived poor performance as being nose heavy. Nungesser disliked the plane, and unknown (at the time) Willi Coppens did not want to fly it either. But Coppens would have had no "clout" in 1916, and Nungesser was performing acrobatics at 200 meters in an unfamiliar plane was led to him being injured.

    However, I feel that the Ponnier has been unfairly represented. ...
  2. Extra Decks - E Deck

    This decision is super easy - I already have the plane for this deck nearly painted!

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    Image from Reduced Aircraft Factory

    The E Deck is a nice early war deck in terms of maneuverability. Speed is about the same as its contemporaries, and with the broad left and right sideslips it is a joy of a deck to use. Plane options are very limited, being just the Nieuport 11 and the Siemens-Schuckert D.I, and it is the latter plane that I have ...

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  3. The Shapeways Siemens-Schuckert D.I Project - Part VI

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    With the application of the AK Interactive German light green, German red brown, and German light blue underneath, I am liking this color combination a bit better. Still not quite "right" in my mind, but once the details have been painted and the decals added, it will be more serviceable than the previous...

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    This is what it was before...yuck!
  4. Extra Decks - XD Deck

    Much like the post on the XB Deck, the decision here is relatively easy. While the choices are many, the focus is to fill in gaps, mostly from the Central Powers side. Also, there has to be a card already made by those wonderful folks here on the 'Drome who provide such things. Add to that the plane has to be available, and if not a full color print from R.A.F., then available in Gray PA12 so that the material is easier to work with. Oh, and let's not forget the paint scheme...cannot be beyond my ...
  5. Extra Decks - XB Deck

    This deck is ungodly slow, and has no redeeming traits with just three straights, three left and three right turns, and two stalls. Yet the deck serves many early war aircraft types, including the very common B.E.2 series.

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    I will not list all the aircraft types for this deck as there are many. The decision here is very easy - R.A.F. now makes a full color Belgian B.E.2c and as I collect all thing Belgian (when it comes to Wings of Glory ...
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