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  1. Deep Cut Studios - The New Mat

    Victor Chapman's Nieuport 11, somewhere over France.

    Some weeks ago I had posted on the forum about trying to obtain a gaming mat that would be easy to carry and store, as well as fit the tables at the game store (Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton, Ohio) where the Wright Flight holds its monthly Wings sessions. After much research and gnashing of teeth, I decided to go with a Deep Cut Studio ...
  2. The Shapeways Siemens-Schuckert D.I Project - Part IV - Epic Fail

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    The digital camera is a harsh mistress....

    After trying to match the colors correctly, instead I have an epic fail. The Vallejo middlestone is simply too yellow. And damn that cell phone camera picks on the littlest details, and hence mistakes, overly well. To the naked eye the paint job (other than the overly yellow middlestone) looks rather decent, but aye yi yi, the picture smacks of brush work gone amuck!

    Regardless, some lessons ...

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  3. The Shapeways Siemens-Schuckert D.I Project - Part III

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    The paint has arrived, and a coat of Vallejo Middlestone has been applied. A tad more yellow in appearance in the picture than real life, and the digital shows some primer coming through that is tough to see with the naked eye, so another bit of touch up is in order. Next steps will be to paint the underside a pale light blue, which I do not believe I have a suitable color already in the paint collection, so might be a bit more shopping! After that will ...
  4. June 10th - Wright Flight Event

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    Been speaking with CamelBeagle about the next Wright Flight session...heading to a "quiet" front, say over Verdun, for a little Escadrille Americaine (N.124) action, Nieuport 11s and 16s against Eindekkers, both Fokker and Pfalz.

    June 10th, noon, at the Dragon's Guildhall in Beavercreek, Ohio (near Dayton).
  5. The Shapeways Siemens-Schuckert D.I Project - Part II

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    Color choices, the bane of some modelers. To be frank, I have seen German camo schemes with purple and green, but in the case of the D.I, that is, I believe, simply not correct. Jack Herris's Aeronauts book shows the early models in a three tone camouflage, and the late production models in a two tone of a faded medium green and a medium brown. Since the plane is a later production model, the two tone will be the selection. The Nexus card has the brown a bit ...
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