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  1. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s ‘Origins’ Odyssey - June 2023

    Part III

    Flying – For Real!

    I had no interest in buying anything in the myriad shops along my route to the departure Gates; aside from being forewarned by various online articles about the grossly inflated prices of all commodities on sale at airports, I had no wish to add any extra items to my carry-on luggage. If I was to buy anything extra on this trip, it would be to bring back home, not to export to the U.S.A!

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  2. The Polish-Soviet War Project

    Yeah, I need an intervention as I have plenty of projects to work on, but this one intrigues me. At one time I was going to do a 1792 Russian-Polish War project in 15mm, but alas the company that started making the figures never released more than a few packs, and the project withered on the vine. But as part of that project I read a bio on Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko and ...
  3. The End of a Baer

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    Paul F. Baer in front of his SPAD S.VII

    As members of the forum may know, I have some great interest in the Escadraille Americaine/Lafayette Escadrille/103rd Aero. I have a few planes to represent the various stages of this squadron, ranging from two Nieuport N.11 repaints, to the Thaw/Lufbery Nieuport N.17, to four SPAD S.VIIs for the 103rd Aero. Also, one of the interesting American pilots of the war, and one who was the American Ace of Aces ...
  4. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s ‘Origins’ Odyssey - June 2023

    Part II – Tuesday June 20th


    I pretty-well leapt out of bed @ 05:00! – I was determined to be ready for the taxi @ 06:15.

    When I had travelled to Prague back in April, my taxi had arrived over half an hour too early, and I had still been in the shower! Back then, I had rushed my exit from my house, trying not to keep the driver waiting, and had felt very dishevelled and disorganised – this time around, I wanted everything to be more controlled ...
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  5. Ohio Game Day

    Tossing around the idea of the Wright Flight hosting an all day event at Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton and using the blog to capture preliminary thoughts. Perhaps some prizes or an "Ohio Cup" for the player with the most points at the end of the day. This would be held on a Saturday (thinking late fall or early winter) and go until 6 or 7ish to allow players from a bit further afield to attend and make the drive worth their time. Fellow Wright Flighter camelbeagle I believe has a point ...
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