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  1. Point system for Wings of Glory

    [QUOTE=Angiolillo;200936]Updated values. Original post quoted under for comparison and notes.

    Albatros C.III 81
    Albatros D.II fire A 78
    Albatros D.II fire B 58
    Albatros D.III 79
    Albatros D.Va 82
    Bristol F2B Fighter B/B 91
    Bristol F2B Fighter A/B 111
    Bristol F2B Fighter B/A 111
    Bristol F2B Fighter AB/A 147
    Fokker Dr.I 85
    SPAD XIII 85
    Sopwith Camel 86
    Halberstadt CL.II 90
    Sopwith Triplane fire A ...
  2. Gun jams

    Andrea had this to say:
    Jamming twin guns (A firing planes)
    When you fire with an A weapon, that represents twin guns, you could jam one of the machineguns or, more rarely, both of them.
    If you are at short distance, you jam a machinegun if target picks up a jammed Damage card, you jam both of them if he picks up two of them. Firing at long distance, you jam both of them if the target picks the 0 red jammed Damage card, only one if he picks the 2 red or a green jammed Damage card.
  3. Snoopy card!

  4. How to Customize Aftermarket Airplane Stands

    Quote Originally Posted by OldGuy59 View Post
    I just received a few minis from a fellow gamer. The gamer used Litko stands and gimbal mountings, and didn't keep all the original stands. Also, I have some paper models, and have ordered Aerodrome Accessories stands for them. I want to match up all the models with stands, and put the data for the plane on each of the stands. Hmm... How do do this?Since joining the forum, I had run across a Base Card file in the hobby section (I used them to make my home-made card bases. Thanks Zakopious),
  5. Which aircraft are capable of dropping bombs?

    Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
    Research is the short answer Mick - there's no official listing but most two seaters were capable, though likely not all did depending on their squadron role.
    Some single seaters were rigged for close support, the Camel in particular was used in that role.
    Here is a list that I roughed out a while back for an unofficial bomb load / points that might give you a start point.

    Machine ------------- Payload Kg / lb --------------------- Damage: full load / half load
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