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  1. June 10th - Wright Flight Event

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    Been speaking with CamelBeagle about the next Wright Flight session...heading to a "quiet" front, say over Verdun, for a little Escadrille Americaine (N.124) action, Nieuport 11s and 16s against Eindekkers, both Fokker and Pfalz.

    June 10th, noon, at the Dragon's Guildhall in Beavercreek, Ohio (near Dayton).
  2. Pfalzifying

    Pfalz E.IV

    Needing a few more opponents to face off against the Escadrille Americaine I decided to pick up a couple of Pfalz E types from Reduced Aircraft Factory. (isn't it ironic that we always seem to "need" more planes?) I have enjoyed the full color offerings from RAF, especially since the natural full color nylon 12 (MJF) has been added, making full color planes very ...
  3. The Kindness of Friends

    With respect to Blackronin's blog....

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    The Wright Flight started from a group of gamers who have been pushing lead around tabletops for many years. Ranging from Napoleonics to World War II to everything before, in between, and after, we have forged friendships and shared many excellent experiences over a dew decades now. When we started getting really involved with Wings of Glory a few years ago, we started gaming at The Hobby Shop in Dayton, created ...
  4. Labor Day 2013 duel

    So late in the day on Sunday, my good buddy [URL=""]Alder64[/URL] and I managed to squeeze in two quick games of WGF. Our goal was to try using altitude for a change.

    We selected a DH 2 and a Fokker E.III give two planes of similar ability as the "Fokker Scourge" comes to a close.

    The first game went rapidly, with both planes closing to gunnery in the second turn and the DH 2 maneuvering into ...

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