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  1. Wings of War and Glory - Interlude 7: Healing

    [B][I]March 04, 1916[/I][/B]

    [I]“Reading that letter again, Joachim?” “Yes. I suppose I am…” “You’ll wear the paper by reading it so many times…” “Yes… Maybe…” “You know… There are only two types of girls…” “Oh! Only two you say?” “Yes. Those that stay and those that goes away. And the former are the ones that you should care about.” “Maybe Rita had a reason to go away.” “I’m sure she had. She was a good lass. But that doesn’t change what I said…” “Maybe she’ll return…” “When?” “When?” ...
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  2. Wings of War and Glory - Chapter 12: New Rides

    [I][B]February 23, 1916[/B][/I]

    [I]"You don't seem too happy about your new plane, Joachim..." "I am, Leonhard. Very happy and moved..." "But you look sad. Or worried. Well, you'll offend your mechanics if you keep that face... They spent a lot of their free time painting your new bird..." "Oh no! They know I'm grateful! I already thanked them. I offered each one of them a bottle of the schnapps my father sent me..." "I see... Good. So ...
  3. Thread: Wings of War and Glory - Chapter 11: Outclassed

    [B][I]February 13, 1916[/I][/B]

    [I]"Rittmeister Jan Schlesinger, can I come in?" "Yes, yes, do come in." "Thank you sir." "At easy... What can I do for my best mechanic?" "I am sorry for intruding at this hour Rittmeister Jan Schlesinger, but..." "Yes. Go on, go on." "It's about Oberleutnant Lisbon, sir..." "Yes?! What's about him?" "He's looking gloomy after the death of young Thorsten... I mean ...
  4. Location Update for Wright Flight Events

    It looks as though are events will now be on the second Saturday of each month at Epic Loot, located in Centerville. Matt56 will be posting our events on the 'Drome with specific information. The Hobby Shop has been a nice home for us, but they schedule tourneys without much notice, and table space becomes an issue. Epic Loot has larger tables, access to restrooms, is well lit, cleaner overall, and has an opening for us on a regular basis. Parking is a bit hectic, but our lunch spot now is a ...
  5. Wings of War and Glory - Interlude 6: Shadows

    [B][I]January 25, 1916[/I][/B]

    "Wearing my flight coat, Rita?" "Ah! You're back! One more French dead, hei?!" "Yes. I gained one more kill..." "Are you collecting prizes?" "We keep score, yes." "Keeping score on dead people? That is something to be proud of, isn't it?" "They're enemy planes that we fight against, Rita... What's with you?" "I don't know. It's the cold, I guess..." "Yes. It's freezing. ...