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  1. Polish-Soviet War II

    While not a lot has happened on this front in terms of getting aircraft painted, I was able to grab a Sopwith Camel repaint that camelbeagle picked up I believe from an eBay purchase (if the Camel in the picture was painted by one of the members of this forum, please let me know!). I know of at least one Camel in the Kościuszko Squadron that was brought in by one of the British members of the unit, however the artwork I have seen has the squadron insignia closer towards the tail, and does not ...
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  2. The Polish-Soviet War Project

    Yeah, I need an intervention as I have plenty of projects to work on, but this one intrigues me. At one time I was going to do a 1792 Russian-Polish War project in 15mm, but alas the company that started making the figures never released more than a few packs, and the project withered on the vine. But as part of that project I read a bio on Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko and ...
  3. Extra Decks - M Deck

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    Ah, the M Deck and its sole plane, the Sopwith Snipe. Personally I think this was one of the biggest wastes of production that Ares was involved in, developing a plane that saw little to no service (less than one hundred were in France in November 1918), yet because of the M Deck, Wings players use this plane a bit too much on the gaming table. Ares could have been producing more common aircraft instead, like Roland D.IIs and D.VIs, B.E.2s, F.E.2s,etc., ...