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  1. The Pfalz D.XII Shapeways Project - Part I

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    Leutnant Klein's Pfalz D.XII

    Some time ago in a galaxy far, far...well, maybe more like on blog post from a long time ago, I had talked about doing a Shapeways Pfalz D.XII. That was before the big selloff, plus that particular Shapeways plane was printed in the white natural versatile plastic which, while others have created some magic with that finish, is a grainy mistress. That Pfalz was included in the selloff, and no more thought had been ...
  2. The Shapeways Pfalz Dr.I Project - Part III

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    Other than adding a peg to the bottom of the fuselage, this project is complete!

    The sharp eyed among you will notice that the crosses are not 100% correct - I had ordered a sheet of the Mark I decals (modern Luftwaffe) and the picture in the description did not allow a clear and large view of the crosses and so I thought I would be receiving crosses with no white borders. Even the decal sheet, being on a light blue background, was in my hands, ...

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    Pfalz , Shapeways
  3. N.124 Action

    We held another great gaming session at the Dragon's Guildhall. As I do not know everyone's 'Drome handle to list all the players, I will say that we had 6 participants at one table (a smaller group than usual due to vacations and other happening), gaming a little early war action over France.*

    The group I gamed with saw the pilots of Escadrille Americaine (N.124), using ...
  4. The Next Obscure Project - The Euler D.I

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    Wrapping up the Pfalz Dr.I when decals arrive, having another go at the SS D.I since I hated how the paint scheme turned out, looking towards a Roland D.IIa for the Eastern Front, and one more crazed idea...a Euler D.I! I posted about this obscure plane last year, and might tackle one in one of two directions:

    1. Ares Chaput N.11 repaint, cutting off the Lewis gun or
    2. Reduced Aircraft Factory Shapeways N.16 with the synchronized gun
  5. The Shapeways Pfalz Dr.I Project - Part II

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    So odd what the digital camera will pick up...this bird looks much nicer with the naked eye!

    Prop in place, details painted, varnish applied, and the plane is nearing completion. Another touch up of matte varnish and perhaps before that a couple of touchups of paint. Then off to order decals!

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    Pfalz , Shapeways