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  1. Five Pegs and Altitude

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    In looking at altitude but realizing that how our group currently plays with the four-peg option and moving drastically away from that is probably not going to happen, using the advanced altitude rules is most likely a direction we would head as we like the simplicity of four pegs, plus we are most likely not enamored with the thought of changing flight stands that would represent the advanced altitude stats. And one cannot use multiple pegs to represent the advanced altitude as the pegs will tumble...broken
  2. Polish-Soviet War II

    While not a lot has happened on this front in terms of getting aircraft painted, I was able to grab a Sopwith Camel repaint that camelbeagle picked up I believe from an eBay purchase (if the Camel in the picture was painted by one of the members of this forum, please let me know!). I know of at least one Camel in the Kościuszko Squadron that was brought in by one of the British members of the unit, however the artwork I have seen has the squadron insignia closer towards the tail, and does not ...
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  3. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s Origins Odyssey - Jun 2023: Part VI

    Blog Part VI

    On to ‘Origins’

    We surfaced bright and early, and after a cup of tea brewed by Jackie I settled into Jim’s car and we departed, with Peter following in his car.

    The day was bright and sunny, the traffic was fairly light, and Jim and I chatted all the way to Columbus – so much so that I didn’t think to take any photographs! Columbus is not very far from Dayton, only around an hour or so by Interstate 70.

    I was amused to notice ...
  4. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s Origins Odyssey - Jun 2023: Part V

    Philadelphia International Airport

    Philly Airport’s passenger building is shaped like a huge banana – Terminal A West is at one end, and Terminal F is at the other. I arrived at the former, and was to depart from the latter, so I needed to travel the entire length of the building; about a 30 minute walk. There was an airport bus service available, but I thought I’d see more if I “hoofed it”, and, anyway, I had hours to kill before my connecting flight departed.

    I took ...
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  5. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s Origins Odyssey - Jun 2023: Part IV

    Down to Earth – with a Chump!

    Arriving at Philadelphia International Airport, I faced the ‘Ordeal by Incivility’ which apparently is the Modus Operandi of the Passport Control Security Officers.

    Beckoned forward from the front of the queue by a large, angry-looking individual, I was then ordered to “Halt!” at his glass booth, and the Interrogation began…

    Q “Why are you entering the United States?” A “To go to the ‘Origins’ Games Convention in Columbus, ...
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