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  1. Prague SummerCon 2016 Part I

    Friday 22th April 2016

    This is the report of Prague Summer Con 2016, a very special event because I met many new gamers, long know forumers I never met in person and old friends.

    09:10 am We met at Nürnberg main station and took our reserved seats in the bus. Mario had filled his backpack with six bottle of Mönchshof beer for the thirst and I had the little ...

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  2. Prague Summer CON Blackronin post 2 - When Aces Meet Mission

    [B]When Aces Meet - A Spanish Civil War Mission[/B]
    [B][I]Prague Summer CON - Friday 16:00[/I][/B]


    During the Spanish Civil War duels were scheduled between Nationalist and Republican pilots.
    One is so famous that it became legend.

    In this free recreation of such an event, players pick randomly a plane and an Ace ability over the ...
  3. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 1: How It All Began

    It is Thursday, 21//04/2016, 22:30. Tomorrow the fifth Prague Con begins. Three days and two evenings, full of games, friends and fun. And it is the reason why I am writing this text now, because it all begins at Prague Cons.
    A four years ago, two friends (Andrzej & Sven) wanted to meet each other and they agreed that the best place to be in Prague, which is halfway between their homes. The first two years were modest - few players in a small room, that was all. The former if Con tradition ...

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  4. Wings of War and Glory - Interlude 7: Healing

    [B][I]March 04, 1916[/I][/B]

    [I]“Reading that letter again, Joachim?” “Yes. I suppose I am…” “You’ll wear the paper by reading it so many times…” “Yes… Maybe…” “You know… There are only two types of girls…” “Oh! Only two you say?” “Yes. Those that stay and those that goes away. And the former are the ones that you should care about.” “Maybe Rita had a reason to go away.” “I’m sure she had. She was a good lass. But that doesn’t change what I said…” “Maybe she’ll return…” “When?” “When?” ...
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  5. Wings of War and Glory - Chapter 12: New Rides

    [I][B]February 23, 1916[/B][/I]

    [I]"You don't seem too happy about your new plane, Joachim..." "I am, Leonhard. Very happy and moved..." "But you look sad. Or worried. Well, you'll offend your mechanics if you keep that face... They spent a lot of their free time painting your new bird..." "Oh no! They know I'm grateful! I already thanked them. I offered each one of them a bottle of the schnapps my father sent me..." "I see... Good. So ...