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  1. Polish-Soviet War II

    While not a lot has happened on this front in terms of getting aircraft painted, I was able to grab a Sopwith Camel repaint that camelbeagle picked up I believe from an eBay purchase (if the Camel in the picture was painted by one of the members of this forum, please let me know!). I know of at least one Camel in the Kościuszko Squadron that was brought in by one of the British members of the unit, however the artwork I have seen has the squadron insignia closer towards the tail, and does not ...
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  2. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s Origins Odyssey - Jun 2023: Part VI

    Blog Part VI

    On to ‘Origins’

    We surfaced bright and early, and after a cup of tea brewed by Jackie I settled into Jim’s car and we departed, with Peter following in his car.

    The day was bright and sunny, the traffic was fairly light, and Jim and I chatted all the way to Columbus – so much so that I didn’t think to take any photographs! Columbus is not very far from Dayton, only around an hour or so by Interstate 70.

    I was amused to notice ...
  3. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s Origins Odyssey - Jun 2023: Part V

    Philadelphia International Airport

    Philly Airport’s passenger building is shaped like a huge banana – Terminal A West is at one end, and Terminal F is at the other. I arrived at the former, and was to depart from the latter, so I needed to travel the entire length of the building; about a 30 minute walk. There was an airport bus service available, but I thought I’d see more if I “hoofed it”, and, anyway, I had hours to kill before my connecting flight departed.

    I took ...
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  4. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s Origins Odyssey - Jun 2023: Part IV

    Down to Earth – with a Chump!

    Arriving at Philadelphia International Airport, I faced the ‘Ordeal by Incivility’ which apparently is the Modus Operandi of the Passport Control Security Officers.

    Beckoned forward from the front of the queue by a large, angry-looking individual, I was then ordered to “Halt!” at his glass booth, and the Interrogation began…

    Q “Why are you entering the United States?” A “To go to the ‘Origins’ Games Convention in Columbus, ...
  5. 'Origins' Through the Helmut-Cam: Flying Helmut’s ‘Origins’ Odyssey - June 2023

    Part III

    Flying – For Real!

    I had no interest in buying anything in the myriad shops along my route to the departure Gates; aside from being forewarned by various online articles about the grossly inflated prices of all commodities on sale at airports, I had no wish to add any extra items to my carry-on luggage. If I was to buy anything extra on this trip, it would be to bring back home, not to export to the U.S.A!

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