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  1. Next Wright Flight Event

    A few years ago I was running our Facebook presence for the Wright Flight, a group of guys based in greater Dayton and greater Cincinnati. We held monthly sessions first at The Hobby Shop, then we moved to Epic Loot in Centerville, and for the last couple of years the group has been carrying on at Dragon's Guildhall. I had dropped out actively between Epic Loot and Guildhall, but the ball was picked up nicely by several chaps. Of late both GDog and Camelbeagle have been doing a bang up job of ...
  2. Diving Back In

    [I]More like a slow dive....[/I]

    I had sold all my Wings stuff a couple of years ago as I wanted to focus on WWI air combat using Check Your 6. To be honest, I enjoy CY6 more than I do Wings (heretic, right?). I feel like CY6 provides a better feel as well as more realistic maneuvers for out little planes on the tabletop. I had quite a collection of aircraft with some modified paint jobs, extra decks, ace skill cards, tools of the trade, etc., etc. Sold it really for a song, but ...
  3. AAR - Scenario 1: Avalanches above.... Business continues below.

    by , 06-27-2021 at 10:22 (Tripods & Triplanes: The War of the Worlds, January 1918 onwards)
    The result of the first AAR of Scenario 1 of the Campaign is in! Here are the highlights! (results at the end):

    After a heavy battle in the sky, the first of the Martian Cylinders crashlands... And the countdown has begun! Stopping their conflict for a brief moment, a Sopwith Camel and a Fokker E.V. both suffering with smoke damage, investigate the crater...
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    The Fokker E.V. manages to take the first photograph but is struck ...
    Tripods & Triplanes
  4. The Campaign Begins... Invaders from Mars!

    by , 06-09-2021 at 03:06 (Tripods & Triplanes: The War of the Worlds, January 1918 onwards)
    Scenario 1: Avalanches above.... Business continues below.

    The Martians have made planetfall! Though the Entente and Central Powers are completely unaware of this deadly new threat, they carry on as normal with their conflict. Now a Martian Cylinder has impacted near a raging aerial battle, the brave pilots pause for a brief moment to investigate.

    Players: 2+ (3 recommended).

    Play area: Recommended 90cm x 90cm for 1 vs 1 vs 1. Depending on number of players ...

    Updated 06-09-2021 at 03:12 by SethLewis

    Tripods & Triplanes
  5. Story Driven Campaign is (almost) ready to be launched!

    by , 06-08-2021 at 04:38 (Tripods & Triplanes: The War of the Worlds, January 1918 onwards)
    Story Driven Campaign: Tripods, Triplanes and The War of the Worlds

    In this story-driven Campaign players play out a set of scenarios depicting the events that happened in 'The War of the Worlds' but with a ‘What if…?’ twist in the tale.

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    Players are split into 3 categories (Forces) each vying for supremacy over the Earth.

    The Earthling forces are split into Entente and Central Powers, essentially the classic
    Tripods & Triplanes
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