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  1. Prague SummerCon 2012 or Beers of Glory - The Tournament Begins

    01:02 pm Standing in front of Club Mephit (Arbesovo náměstí 14 in Prague), looking through the glas door, when I was intercepted the first time by the Polish squadron. Nightbomber led the strong formation, giving me a hearty welcome in front of his family and friends.

    01:05 pm A friendly staff member of the club opens the door and let us in - two minutes later we're suprised. This is no staff member - it's Watchdog!


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  2. Prague SummerCon 2012 or Beers of Glory - The Arrival

    06:00 am Saturday morning 28th July. The day of the Prague SummerCon 2012

    Waked up by the clock, I took the 06:43 am bus from Zirndorf to Nuernberg.

    There is the Deutsche Bahn Expressbus waiting. Departure: 07:41 am from Nuernberg Main Station to Prag Main Station in three and a half hour.

    08:15 am On the highway A 6. Think it was a good idea to order a beer for breakfast. A nice cold bottle of Beck's Beer from Bremen.


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  3. Purgatory in Heaven....the first chapter while waiting for my game order to arrive

    Gavin sat silently across from his father, on the terrace of the country club’s restaurant. A cool breeze from the sound made the stiflingly hot day bearable. Next to them sat a trio of ladies clad in long flowing dresses fashionable in New York during the summer months. The ladies did not seem to take notice of the animated conversation going on right next to them. If they did, they did not pay it any attention. That is until…

    “No” said his father, slamming his fist into the ...
  4. The life and times of a new player - Desperate times....

    I have finally got some WGF series I miniatures to use:

    Sopwith Camel - Olislager
    SPAD XIII - Baracca
    Albatros D.VA - Weber & Jentsch

    Now with these and my "Famous Aces" set I am ready to play, but with Zoe out injured who would be my next combatant...

    Step up my 5 year old son. The conversation went something like this:

    Son - They are cool, can we play with them?
    Dad - Sort of...
    Son - Please ...