1. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 15: Landing


    8:30 (CEST)
    I'm in the last plane (Embraer E190) and waiting to take off. I had only 40 minutes from landing to take off. I run. I really run and went by a train between two terminals, passed passport control and was ready for boarding. Yes!
    Two other guys from my previous flight are comming. The are late! We should be in air now!
    I just passes "my" Dreamliner - they are just unloading it. I wonder if my bag will be in Prague.
  2. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 14: Ice and Air


    My last day on the west side of Atlantic Ocean started about 8 o'clock. Just woke up, made my bag and went to another one of my dream - Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
    When I was a boy, I collected cards with hockey players. It was a huge wave of interesting about ice hockey in my generation and I had a pretty fat album. I was (and still I'm) a huge fan of San José Sharks and I was a little said when he lost Stanley Cup in the 6th match of Final series. ...
  3. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 13: Niagara Falls


    Today I had a special day, becausejpartcof my geographic books raise from the paper and become real. Today I visited Niagara Falls.
    Woke up early, no problem, checked the results of Brexit and bought a breakfast during my way to bus. There I met a guy from London who was my buddy for whole day. After an hour of traveling we stopped near Fort Niagara and have an hour for visiting the town. Next stop was The Smallest Chapel and the next one...wineyard with tasting ...
  4. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 12: Toronto Islands


    I had most a free day today. After more than week in cities I needed a break and escape to nature. There are several islands south of Toronto - they call them (surprisingly) Toronto Islands. So I slept well and went for a ferry (7.50$ for both ways seems OK). I had to wait a while for my ferry but then I boat to Hanlan's point near Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (a cool name, what do you think?). The airport is small and I was seeing just prop planes during the day. ...
  5. Journey on the Wings of Glory - Chapter 11: Back to Canada


    Today is my challenge day. I'm flying from Columbus to Toronto via Washington DC and have there only 1 hour to change my flight. The travel to the airport was OK - no problems, no late. I even met a Czech who lives here for a long time (25+ years) and it was a nice meeting.
    Now I'm waiting in Canadair CRJ-700, flight UA6213 and hope everything will run smoothly.

    Ready to Fly, sir!
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    Good ...

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