1. The Kindness of Strangers – Chapter 6 – Hunters Hunted

    13 May 1940, somewhere in NE France

    “Attention! Pilote allemande… Que pensez-vous que vous ętes en train de faire!?”

    I stopped, taking care to make nothing that could be interpreted as a threatening gesture, and offered with genuine offense, “Allemand? Mais non... Anglais ! Je suis un pilote anglais....” Turning slowly, I favored the owner of the gravelly voice and ancient fowling piece with an exhausted silence.

    Nothing forthcoming from the old Frenchman, ...
  2. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 3 – Targets of Opportunity

    Late afternoon, 12 May 1940, Somewhere over NW France

    Two days ago, the German war machine had come to France, and “Marianne” was finding blitzkrieg to be an unforgiving dance partner. The initial thrust of the attack had broken through French lines in several locations; troops were already falling back before the flood, reeling from a coordinated series of strikes that had overwhelmed their defenses.

    It had been two of the longest, most frustrating days of my life. ...
  3. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 2 - Introductions

    Early morning, 10 May 1940, Berry-au-Bac, France

    Tendrils of mist curled skyward as the last vestiges of night fled before the dawn. The muted sounds of a little village waking up filled the air, heralding a day full of promise. The air was crisp and clean; the showers of the previous evening having dispersed. It was, by almost any standard, a beautiful morning.

    Sergeant (Pilot) Christopher George Raymond, No. 1 Squadron RAF, noticed none of these things. Instead, ...