Knights of the Air campaign

  1. Enemy Troop Movement - Mission 2a

    Dear Nadine,

    I have had little time to recover from my injuries mentioned in my last letter and I have already had to fly another sortie. The enemy is pressing us hard in this sector.

    Early this morning my flight was scrambled as three enemy planes had been spotted operating in the area. We circled above the aerodrome gaining altitude and then head off towards the front. Just before making the lines, we spotted them.

    A new type of two seater was ...
  2. Battle over the trenches - Mission 1

    Dear Nadine,

    Thank you for the last letter you sent, I received it just before departing to the front. After several weeks of bad weather that kept us ground but for a few short orientation flights, we finally some action.

    I lead a Flight of two Albatros D.III's piloted by Wolfgang and Niklas on a morning patrol. We crossed our lines at around 10 O'clock and immediately spotted the two enemy Neiuports high above us. They must not have seen us right way as they did ...