1. Prague SummerCon 2017 Part III

    Somehow this one is gone...

    I'll add the pictures and will write the comments later...


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  2. Prague SummerCon 2017 Part II

    Prague SummerCon 2017 Day 2 - Saturday

    8 am

    Woke up, went for shower, prepared my stuff and knocked on Markus & Mario’s door to get with them for a breakfast.

    Short hello to the pilots we met in the hotel restaurant and had some coffee, sausage, eggs and buttered bread.

    9 am

    Today we played in an conferece room in the hotel Mars, well organized by Dan-Sam and Kubajs.
    Enough space, tables and chairs for 4 parallel

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  3. Prague SummerCon 2017 Part I

    New year new Prague Summer Con.

    Prague SummerCon 2017 Day 1

    We arrived Friday noon in the Golden City by bus after a 3,5 hour drive from Nürnberg. Quick impression of the Moldau River and the Hradschin in the Background.

    Beside me my old SummerCon comrades Markus & Mario.

  4. Prague SummerCon 2016 Part III

    Sunday 24th April 2016

    The next morning I woke up in time with a giant headache. Painkillers from my Polish comrade Arek saved the day.

    I went to the hotel’s restaurant and said to Rob: “King’s German legion report for duty!”
    We had a good talk about some Napoleonic stuff. Less time to go deeper into history and I went to the coffee machine that was without coffee.

    I realized that first when I put milk in the hot water and tasted.

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  5. Prague SummerCon 2016 Part II

    Saturday 23th April 2016

    09:00 am We formed a strong wing with the Polish pilots and are on our way to the Warboss game store in Prague.
    We had to change location due to more than 30 players at this day.

    I took a picture of a ...

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