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  1. A Single Picture Doesn't Tell the Story

    The Wright Flight gathered together yesterday for our monthly Wings of War/Glory session at the Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton, Ohio. I believe there were eight of us nefarious types present to see a couple of Handley-Page beasts grace the table, escorted by a single Brisfit, facing off against a mix of German late war aircraft (three Fokker D.VIIs, one Fokker D.VIII, and one SSW D.III). The bombers had targets to bomb on three places marked out on a city mat (we used three mats altogether). ...
  2. Next Wright Flight Event

    A few years ago I was running our Facebook presence for the Wright Flight, a group of guys based in greater Dayton and greater Cincinnati. We held monthly sessions first at The Hobby Shop, then we moved to Epic Loot in Centerville, and for the last couple of years the group has been carrying on at Dragon's Guildhall. I had dropped out actively between Epic Loot and Guildhall, but the ball was picked up nicely by several chaps. Of late both GDog and Camelbeagle have been doing a bang up job of ...
  3. CHANGE - Next Wright Flight Event - December 19th

    We had such a grand time last Saturday with nine crafty fliers appearing over the front. Furballs ensued as Eindeckers and Bullets tangled, and as players were knocked out, they had to wait a full turn before choosing their next aircraft. With a random entry roll, it created some interesting encounters.

    We'll be gaming again on December 19th, 10:30 at The Hobby Shop in Miamisburg, Ohio. We'll start with Belgians vs. Germans, then move ...

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    Gaming Events
  4. The Wright Flight - Saturday Event

    Early War planes this Saturday at The Hobby Shop in Miamisburg, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton). We will start at 10:30 and utilize a variety of the following planes:

    Morane-Saulnier N
    Fokker E.III

    As above plus:
    Nieuport 16
    Nieuport 17
    Halberstadt D.III
    Roland C.II
    Albatros D.II

    If we add Brits
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  5. The Wright Flight - Saturday Event

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    It has been a loooong time since I have been active on The Aerodrome, but I did want to mention our next event, scheduled for this coming Saturday at The Hobby Shop in Miamisburg, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton). We will start at 10:30. Focus is on Italians and Austrians, so feel free to join us and bring any aircraft you would like from either of those nations.
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