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  1. Pfalzifying

    Needing a few more opponents to face off against the Escadrille Americaine I decided to pick up a couple of Pfalz E types from Reduced Aircraft Factory. (isn't it ironic that we always seem to "need" more planes?) I have enjoyed the full color offerings from RAF, especially since the natural full color nylon 12 (MJF) has been added, making full color planes very affordable. While the colors can be somewhat muted, and the planes a bit grainy, these are minor quibbles considering the ...
  2. A Single Picture Doesn't Tell the Story

    The Wright Flight gathered together yesterday for our monthly Wings of War/Glory session at the Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton, Ohio. I believe there were eight of us nefarious types present to see a couple of Handley-Page beasts grace the table, escorted by a single Brisfit, facing off against a mix of German late war aircraft (three Fokker D.VIIs, one Fokker D.VIII, and one SSW D.III). The bombers had targets to bomb on three places marked out on a city mat (we used three mats altogether). ...
  3. Expanding the Forces

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    Some several months ago I went in with The G Dog, Adler64, and Smitch on a Shapeways order. I already had a plane from a previous order with The G Dog (a Pfalz D.XII), and I was looking to expand my German forces with some needed types not covered by Ares, plus a couple of extra Hanriots for the Belgians (using the Reviresco decals), so I ordered several planes to ...

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  4. The Shapeways Experiment - Part I Prep Work

    As you know, there are many designers on Shapeways offering 1/144th scale World War One aircraft. Many of these offerings are now being covered within the Nexus/Ares range of miniatures, but there are many others out there to help fill in those holes not covered by the official game miniatures. Last year I ordered a Pflaz D.XII and a Kettering Bug; the Pfalz is still to be painted, while the Bug was kindly painted for me by Smitch. The stories I have heard about my gaming buddies and what they ...
  5. New Year = New Energy!

    Da boys (Smitch, The G Dog, and Adler64) and I have been getting some gaming in with more on the immediate horizon! That, coupled with a slow down at work after the holiday season that allows me to recoup my life a bit, has got my Wings of Glory sap rising (I was going to say juices flowing...).

    Last weekend several of us met at The Hobby Shop in Miamisburg, which is south of Dayton, in good ol' Ohio. We played three games of Wings of Glory, took a beer break, I mean lunch break, ...

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