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  1. Pfalzifying

    Needing a few more opponents to face off against the Escadrille Americaine I decided to pick up a couple of Pfalz E types from Reduced Aircraft Factory. (isn't it ironic that we always seem to "need" more planes?) I have enjoyed the full color offerings from RAF, especially since the natural full color nylon 12 (MJF) has been added, making full color planes very affordable. While the colors can be somewhat muted, and the planes a bit grainy, these are minor quibbles considering the ...
  2. Scenario - April 14th, 1918

    Taken heavily from Billy's Boys by Mike Clinton, modified a bit with information gleaned from Nieuport 28: America's First Fighter by Theodore Hamady, and filled in with a bit of fluff from USAS 1st Pursuit Group by Jon Guttman, this is my Wings of Glory interpretation of the first encounter of the 94th Aero Squadron's first encounter over the Toul Sector.

    The 94th Aero Squadron, known as the Hat in the Ring Gang, moved to Gengoult Aerodrome from Villeneuve on April 9th, 1918. The ...

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  3. Spending Spree!

    Oh Lord, do not let the better half see this post!

    Because of my renewed interest in Wings of Glory, I have been buying items that continues to stoke my interest. My recent purchases are either directly related to Wings of Glory/War, or World War I reference materials. Over the last couple of months I have purchased the following:

    Airco DH.2
    Aviatik D.I
    Breguet BR.14 B2
    De Havilland D.H.4
    Fokker Dr.I
    Fokker E.III ...
  4. Favorite Pfalz Poll

    Yesterday I created a poll listing nearly all the Pfalz aircraft and asking forum members to vote. The poll can be found HERE. Take a few seconds and vote!

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  5. Pfalz Aircraft of WWI

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    Book Title:
    Pfalz Aircraft of WWI
    Jack Herris
    (The original book has been reviewed before, but this new version has been greatly added to). Original review HERE.

    The Centennial version of this all-inclusive look at Pfalz aircraft of Great War has been greatly expanded from the original 2001 effort. Consisting of hundreds of black and white photographs as well as over eighty color illustrations,

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