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  1. Lawrence Rumsey's N.11

    I have been slowly working on this aircraft over the last few months. This is Lawrence Rumsey's N.11 from the Escadrille Americaine. Rumsey is best known for his drinking and his blinding of squadron mascot Whiskey in one eye.

    "Whiskey sauntered over to Rumsey's cot and dragged a brand-new cap to the floor and began to reduce the expensive headgear to shreds. Rumsey glared at the lion, shouted at him to stop. But Whiskey kept munching, growling contentedly. Rumsey set down his ...

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  2. Ideas for Random Pilot Skills

    In an effort to break away from our standard Wright Flight gaming sessions, in which we always start at peg four and no rookies, and rarely aces, I decided to mix things up a bit at the last Wright Flight gathering. To that end we allowed players to choose their starting height, including if they wanted to have climb counters in play, and used the C Deck to determine some random pilot/observer skills/abilities. Each player pulled a card from the deck, and the following parameters were used: ...

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  3. Esty RAF Hanriots

    Received my two Hanriots today after a bit of a mix up with Shapeways/FedEx having my correct address but then saying it was an incorrect address. Overall I am pleased. Roundel colors look very good, as do the tri-colors across the bottom wing of the Italian Hanriot. Colors on the rudders are a but muted, almost fased, and the thistle emblem on the side of the Belgian Hanriot is difficult to see. The five color camo of the Belgian seems to also be a tad "off" as it has a little too ...
  4. Diving Back In

    More like a slow dive....

    I had sold all my Wings stuff a couple of years ago as I wanted to focus on WWI air combat using Check Your 6. To be honest, I enjoy CY6 more than I do Wings (heretic, right?). I feel like CY6 provides a better feel as well as more realistic maneuvers for out little planes on the tabletop. I had quite a collection of aircraft with some modified paint jobs, extra decks, ace skill cards, tools of the trade, etc., etc. Sold it really for a song, but I also ...
  5. Location Update for Wright Flight Events

    It looks as though are events will now be on the second Saturday of each month at Epic Loot, located in Centerville. Matt56 will be posting our events on the 'Drome with specific information. The Hobby Shop has been a nice home for us, but they schedule tourneys without much notice, and table space becomes an issue. Epic Loot has larger tables, access to restrooms, is well lit, cleaner overall, and has an opening for us on a regular basis. Parking is a bit hectic, but our lunch spot now is a ...
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