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  1. Polish-Soviet War II

    While not a lot has happened on this front in terms of getting aircraft painted, I was able to grab a Sopwith Camel repaint that camelbeagle picked up I believe from an eBay purchase (if the Camel in the picture was painted by one of the members of this forum, please let me know!). I know of at least one Camel in the Kościuszko Squadron that was brought in by one of the British members of the unit, however the artwork I have seen has the squadron insignia closer towards the tail, and does not ...
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  2. Deep Cut Studios - The New Mat

    Victor Chapman's Nieuport 11, somewhere over France.

    Some weeks ago I had posted on the forum about trying to obtain a gaming mat that would be easy to carry and store, as well as fit the tables at the game store (Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton, Ohio) where the Wright Flight holds its monthly Wings sessions. After much research and gnashing of teeth, I decided to go with a Deep Cut Studio ...
  3. Another Escadrille Americaine Repaint!

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    Starting with another Ares Chaput as the base plane, I have created the Nieuport N.11 of Victor Chapman, the first pilot in N.124 to be killed in combat. A few coats of AK Clear Doped Linen Version 2, some crimson on the wheel covers, and then the addition of the historically accurate roundels on the top wing and we have a nice addition to the N.124 collection. The roundels on the underside of the wings are still the French ones, as found on the actual ...
  4. Lawrence Rumsey's N.11

    UPDATE: Decided to redo the "brown" from the original Chaput as that "brown" was not brown at all. Then got motivated to match the green a bit as well. Still need to add RUM to both sides.
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    I have been slowly working on this aircraft over the last few months. This is Lawrence Rumsey's N.11 from the Escadrille Americaine. Rumsey is best known for his drinking and his blinding of squadron mascot Whiskey in one eye.

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  5. Another Halberstadt Repaint

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    First of all, I like the Halberstadt D.III...for an early war plane it holds its own fairly well and is a maneuverable bird. And as there is a shortage of Nexus early war offerings, doing a couple of simple repaints to add more early war aircraft to the Wright Flight arsenal is within my capabilities as a modeler. I bought two Keudell Halbstadts some months back with the object of doing repaints. The first has already debuted ...

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