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  1. The Next Obscure Project - The Euler D.I

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    Wrapping up the Pfalz Dr.I when decals arrive, having another go at the SS D.I since I hated how the paint scheme turned out, looking towards a Roland D.IIa for the Eastern Front, and one more crazed idea...a Euler D.I! I posted about this obscure plane last year, and might tackle one in one of two directions:

    1. Ares Chaput N.11 repaint, cutting off the Lewis gun or
    2. Reduced Aircraft Factory Shapeways N.16 with the synchronized gun

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  2. The Shapeways Siemens-Schuckert D.I Project - Part IV - Epic Fail

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    The digital camera is a harsh mistress....

    After trying to match the colors correctly, instead I have an epic fail. The Vallejo middlestone is simply too yellow. And damn that cell phone camera picks on the littlest details, and hence mistakes, overly well. To the naked eye the paint job (other than the overly yellow middlestone) looks rather decent, but aye yi yi, the picture smacks of brush work gone amuck!

    Regardless, some lessons ...
  3. June 10th - Wright Flight Event

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    Been speaking with CamelBeagle about the next Wright Flight session...heading to a "quiet" front, say over Verdun, for a little Escadrille Americaine (N.124) action, Nieuport 11s and 16s against Eindekkers, both Fokker and Pfalz.

    June 10th, noon, at the Dragon's Guildhall in Beavercreek, Ohio (near Dayton).
  4. Random Starting Locations

    Not really a blog post, but posting this here for future reference. This is from member Charlie3.

    • Each side rolls one D6. If both sides roll the same number use the head to head set up in the Wings of War rules.
    • If a side rolls lower, they are the defending side. Place the defending planes in the center of the table.
    • Roll two D6 and refer to the diagram for the location and facing of attacking planes.
    • Roll

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  5. Book Review - Hoosier Aviator Paul Baer: America's First Combat Ace

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    I've had this small History Press book for several months now, and have read it twice. I thought others might be interested in a bit of a book review.

    Book details: Hoosier Aviator Paul Baer: America's First Combat Ace, written by Tony Garel-Frantzen. Published 2017, History Press. 128 pgs. Photos.

    This is a decently written book about the first American ace of the Great War, Indiana native Paul Baer, the first United States ...

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