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The occasional post of my Wings of War/Glory gaming and collecting.

  1. The Next Obscure Project - The Euler D.I

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    Wrapping up the Pfalz Dr.I when decals arrive, having another go at the SS D.I since I hated how the paint scheme turned out, looking towards a Roland D.IIa for the Eastern Front, and one more crazed idea...a Euler D.I! I posted about this obscure plane last year, and might tackle one in one of two directions:

    1. Ares Chaput N.11 repaint, cutting off the Lewis gun or
    2. Reduced Aircraft Factory Shapeways N.16 with the synchronized gun
  2. The Shapeways Pfalz Dr.I Project - Part II

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    So odd what the digital camera will pick up...this bird looks much nicer with the naked eye!

    Prop in place, details painted, varnish applied, and the plane is nearing completion. Another touch up of matte varnish and perhaps before that a couple of touchups of paint. Then off to order decals!

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  3. The Shapeways Pfalz Dr.I Project

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    The grainy finish is evident in the picture, even after two costs of paint.

    While I am awaiting the next Siemens-Schuckert D.I to make its way to Cincinnati, I have decided to work on another Shapeways plane, this one being the Pfalz Dr.I offering from Decapod. Ordered in the Gray PA12, which is my preferred base material due to inherent "primed" finish, I've had this cool little beast - for me one of the most aesthetically pleasing ...
  4. Those 103rd Aero Boys

    Just a piccie of the various 103rd Aero SPAD C.VIIs I have - Soubiran (Ares), Baer (R.A.F.), Biddle (R.A.F.), and another Baer in which I painted the cowling a different color. Deep Cut Studios mat is the playing surface. The 103rd used the SPAD VII into July and perhaps August 1918.

    The SPAD VII is one of those planes that does not seem to do well in Wings (due to a tendency ...
  5. Deep Cut Studios - The New Mat

    Victor Chapman's Nieuport 11, somewhere over France.

    Some weeks ago I had posted on the forum about trying to obtain a gaming mat that would be easy to carry and store, as well as fit the tables at the game store (Dragon's Guildhall near Dayton, Ohio) where the Wright Flight holds its monthly Wings sessions. After much research and gnashing of teeth, I decided to go with a Deep Cut Studio ...
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