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Medal: Matt56 Memorial Medal

Matt56 Memorial Medal

Award to those members that participated in the raffle to raise funds for Matt's family after his passing.

Members who received this award: 64
Naharaht, pflanzer, Flying Officer Kyte, Jager, Dan-Sam, Guntruck, Biggles downunder, flash, Kubajs, Mike George, redcoon2, monse, crashx, Boney10, Zoe Brain, gully_raker, clipper1801, predhead, tikkifriend, Nightbomber, BobP, Teaticket, Marechallannes, tusekine, Rebel, Baron Rolf, Caveman, Hedeby, OldGuy59, Potrzebie, cavallarizio, 7eat51, fast.git, Lt. S.Kafloc, ReducedAirFact, ling, mikejr74, Flying Helmut, Old guy, andron234, RJG173, Stumptonian, Aardvark1430, rhodie80, Mrs Kyte, Fix, Shadowcat, mikeemagnus, rolld6, badlands122, NewFlyBoy, merlin14, camelbeagle, BwanaJoe, Future Pilot, FlyBoy Nate, abovetheclouds, dmolinal, ShadowDragon, Dak21, cmmdre, tigerops, Von Scharf, Sgt.
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