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Medal: Origins Ground Crew 2015 - Silver

Origins Ground Crew 2015 - Silver

Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2015. Not once, not twice, but three times!

Members who received this award: 29
Oberst Hajj, Flying Officer Kyte, Pseudotheist, Jager, richard m schwab, Guntruck, flash, Boney10, gully_raker, grumpybear, clipper1801, Nightbomber, BobP, Misdomingo, Teaticket, Marechallannes, wjw, Black Sheep One, mav1624, 7eat51, fast.git, Brambo, johnbiggles, Flying Helmut, Sulring, RJG173, rhodie80, matt56, Gotham Resident
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