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Medal: Children's Cancer Charity

Children's Cancer Charity

Awarded to those selfless pilots that donated to Go Fold for kids with cancer fund in the name of my nephew Carter.

Members who received this award: 46
, Oberst Hajj, Carl_Brisgamer, CappyTom, Naharaht, AlgyLacey, Flying Officer Kyte, Jager, The Cowman, Guntruck, Biggles downunder, flash, Ducalutra, Attila57, crashx, Boney10, Archidamus, Zoe Brain, gully_raker, grumpybear, Hunter, clipper1801, predhead, somaliavet, Пилот, tikkifriend, Nightbomber, BobP, Watchdog, Womble, Baron Rolf, diceslinger, Defra, MoonSylver, Lino22, BBSuds, Trench Wench, 7eat51, fast.git, Lt. S.Kafloc, Captain Chum, monty's double, Brambo, PFactorDave, Flying Helmut, richarddaystrom
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