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Medal: LGKR Memorial Medal

LGKR Memorial Medal

A medal made in the memory and honor of an esteemed pilot. May he forever fly in blue skies.

Members who received this award: 32
Oberst Hajj, bsmith13, Doug, Naharaht, Wolfmanjack, pflanzer, AlgyLacey, LewdDude, Flying Officer Kyte, Jager, The Cowman, Willi Von Klugermann, Guntruck, Biggles downunder, flash, Attila57, Boney10, gully_raker, Baldrick62, clipper1801, Niclas, predhead, Nightbomber, BobP, Tommy Z, Watchdog, Marechallannes, PANdemonium, HTRAINo, alkis21, MoonSylver, celticgriffon
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