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01-12-2010, 04:00
I have an interesting information from the czech site:
One of the Spitfire in the first serie of WWII planes has marking DU-R and inventory number P8081. There is name of "Flight Lieutenant Adolphe Vybral" on the card, but there are two mistakes. This czech pilot wasn't Adophe, but Tomas and the real name was Vybiral, not Vybral. Andrea Angiolino knews about it - this is assumed mistake from book of Osprey.
I add a picture of Tomas Vybiral and a picture of his plane (without round czech flag below cockpit in this version).

Oberst Hajj
01-12-2010, 07:10
That's interesting!

01-13-2010, 03:07
I found another important information (especially for users from New Zealand). The plane number P8081 (Vybiral's plane) still can fly - after rejection in 1963, the plane was purchased to museum in Canada in 1964 and it was returned to United Kingdom to famous Old Flying Machines Company in 90's. But the plane is in New Zealand Fighter Pilot Museum in South Island of New Zealand! The plane has a new marking (DU-Z) (the same (Vybiral's) squadron - No.312, but With "Z" instead "R") with a round czechoslovak flag under the cockpit. This plane is still flyable ;)
I am really curious to know, who will be the first user, who upload a photograph with Spitfire from museum and with WoW model together :)

The site NZFPM about Spitfire P8081 is here: http://www.nzfpm.co.nz/article.asp?id=mkvc

And, like a bonus, I upload a picture of another Spitfire MK483 with marknig from 1944, when T. Vybiral was a Wing Commander of the 134th (Czechoslovak) Wing. This was his personal plane (that is why marking just with "VY").

01-13-2010, 10:22
Great informations, thx for sharing.

richard m schwab
04-26-2010, 14:12
Daniel. I was looking up something else and found these photos. the plane has a new home and is flying!