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10-27-2011, 16:20
I'm sure I've seen a post somewhere explaining the different letters assigned to the DOW manuever decks and what they mean but for the life of me, I can't find it now.

When making my custom cards, I've been comparing my proposed plane with an equivalent or near equivalent that already has a card and making the decision on that basis. However, I'd like to be a bit more "scientific" than that and was wondering how the letters are categorized. I doubt it's as simple as A/B = fastest, L = slowest.

I'd be ever so greatful if someone could give me a few pointers please or post a link to an earlier thread if indeed this has been discussed already for WWII.

Many thanks :)

Oberst Hajj
10-27-2011, 22:51
I can't recall if anyone has broken down the WWII decks like this yet. Typically you will have four (at least for WWI) basic decks that equate to different speeds and all of the standard maneuvers. Each plane is then given one of those decks. If the plane has "special" maneuvers, then they are added and a new deck is created.

When creating your own planes, the best practice is to select the deck by speed first, and then maneuverability. You can add or remove cards from your custom decks to flush them out more for each plane (as long as you don't mind mixing your official decks).

10-28-2011, 00:05
Thanks for the advice Herr Oberst.


richard m schwab
10-28-2011, 13:53

That is an easy question to ask and a hard one to answer! If i recall the decks go up K and L now when you add the Biplane decks in RITH and LB. Here is a dated piece of information that has been around for a while, i have not seen a newer sheet like it!


10-28-2011, 14:21
Rich, many thanks for this, I'll download and have a good look at it. I've got the extra decks you mention - which in a way kinda helps when designing cards for the early period of the war where there were still a few obsolete monoplanes and biplanes in service. However I want to try and do a more thorough study of the decks so that hopefully the stats chosen for my custom cards give a fair and realistic reflection of the planes performance. Luckily my original designs are in layered Photoshop format so I can easily revise the cards if anyone feels I'm wide of the mark in any of the values chosen.

richard m schwab
10-28-2011, 14:37

When you bring up the subject of. What do think of my new custom cards? Someone will always disagree! I have looked at yours and liked the Skua! One of Blackburn's not to ugly airplanes!
In comparing the decks there is no slowest to fastest in progression.


10-28-2011, 16:36
Hi Rich, I've just been looking at the PDF you kindly posted and it's just what I wanted - thanks once again. I'm going to do something similar for Decks E to L as it really helps being able to compare them side by side like that. I think some of my plane cards may be tweaked in due course once I've had chance to study the decks in greater detail.

Funny you should say about the Skua (glad you like it by the way!), I think I may have been a bit harsh with it's manueverability rating - it was also used as a fighter and, interestingly enough, it was a Skua that claimed the RAF's first kill of the war.

One plane I intend to cover is the Skua's close relative the Blackburn Roc.

Good point about it being impossible to please everyone with custom cards and the choice of stats assigned. However with obvious issues like say creating a card for one of Russia's lumbering giant bombers and, in a moment of madness, assigning it an "A" manuever deck, I would appreciate gentle and constructive feedback.

12-25-2011, 06:13
And? Have you done something similar with the E to L decks as in the PDF above? :)

richard m schwab
12-25-2011, 08:13

Merry Christmas! I Have never tried to make a sheet like that. It does come in very handy in a game!