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05-15-2011, 17:08
ok I have just started building up the minis and I have come to the conclusion I don't know how many minis I should be buying (apart from them all hehe) so 2 quick questions

1. how many of each aircraft and decks should I be looking at ?

2. if I can get the aircraft from other places other than the official releases how do I get the manoeuvre decks I will require fro the minis ?

hope you can help

Albert Ross
05-15-2011, 17:30
Flights and squadrons are administrative organizations, a squadron could have anywhere from 12 to 16 or more aircraft on hand; at any one time some of them will be out for repairs or just routine maintenance, so even at full strength, the number of aircraft available would be somewhat different! Best to concentrate on the tactics instead:

At the start of WWII the RAF used mulitples of 3 airplane 'Vic' formations - a leader and two wingmen. The Luftwaffe used the 'finger four', two "Rotte"(pairs) operating as a "schwarm" of leader and wingman. Three or four of these formations made up a squadron in the air.

The aircraft in the Schwarm had greater vertical and horizontal separation, so they were free to scan in all directions for enemy aircraft rather than focusing on maintaining a close formation. This allowed the pilots to maintain greater situational awareness and reduce the chance of being spotted by the enemy due to the looser formation. The two 'Rotten 'could split up at any time and attack on their own. The Rottenführer (pair leader) would attack enemy aircraft, leaving his wingman to scan for threats and protect him while he engaged the enemy.

The RAF adopted this tactic themselves after the Battle of Britain and it was also used by the Soviets, Japanese and Americans http://www.vf2.org/tactics.aspx

You can get extra decks in the booster packs. I just bought the 'recon patrol' pack because it has the a K deck and the D deck I needed a Dr I made from the ghastly Revell kit

I now have two surplus K decks if anyone needs them BTW

richard m schwab
05-15-2011, 18:15

The answer is as many planes and pilots as you can get to play. :clap: The largest one i have done is six planes per side. I have enough consoles for nine per side.

Are you using the official 1:200 scale? Then there is Air-200 , AIM has a range of 200 also. As for the cards and maneuver decks that depends on your time period. If you want to do Battle of Britain or France 40, you pick up the two squadron packs one is Spitfires and the other ME-109`s. If you want to do all the cards you buy a second copy of the game. This also gives you six more plane console boards. I have two sets of DOW , one set of Fire from the Sky, plus two sets of Spitfire and 109 packs and the Last Biplane and Revolution in the Sky packs.
I use 144 scale planes and have close 300 planes to chose from. That is where Max and other members custom cards come in i ran a 1945 bomber mission last weekend. We flew B-26`s, B-25`s P-51`s, P-47`s, ME 109`s FW-190`s and ME-262`s. All of the planes used maneuver decks from the existing game!

05-15-2011, 19:52
Japan clung to the Vic too, and US bombers stuck to the Vic while fighters moved to Finger Four.

05-15-2011, 23:32
As the guys have said it's about the number of planes per player and the scenarios involved. Broadly somewhere in the 2-4 of any type baring in mind you will probably mix types so a BoB scenario would be Spits/Hurricanes for the RAF hence if you have say 4 of each you could have 8 players or 4 flying pairs - a pretty big furball. As for decks, it's feast or famine I'm afraid, by the time you've bought all the official minis/sets/boosters you'll have 7xA decks for Spits, 7xB, 8 each of C & D but only 1 E deck...



05-16-2011, 13:56
Also worth noting: When the Germans first deployed jets, they found the 2- and 4-plane formations required too many throttle adjustments, which caused flameouts and shortened Time Between Overhauls on the engines; it was found the 3-plane formation worked best for jets.