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05-13-2024, 02:40
Hello all
A heads up for this years Wings badges.
As this is the 10th anniversary after a few discussions it is proposed to have the following

The standard butterfly clip badge with black writing with a blue base background with silver wings.
This is exactly the same as previous badges.
The change/ addition will be a gold scroll underneath with Doncaster 2024 and in the middle of the wings the number 10.

I have spoken to the makers and they will be sending me a quote shortly. Once received I will add the cost per badge to this thread. I will add a picture as soon as I can if I can


Please Note If you would like one of the badges put your name and quantity on this thread. No name no badge.

I will collate the numbers and names in post no2 on this thread. So please do not touch post 2

If you do put your name down you will be expected to pay for the badge, unless the world is destroyed or something similar.

The cost of badges given as 7.50 per badge, however this can be considerably reduced if the required number gets to 50+

Production takes 6 weeks so I will put in the actual order mid August so you will need to have your name on the list end of first week August so we do have some thinking time.

Any overseas visitors if you are, hopefully, attending Doncaster this year from abroad, our EU friends and from across the pond, please add your name to this thread if you want a badge ie for a keepsake etc, so I can see about the correct number of badges.

If you do not put your name here there will be no spares, so please add if you want one.

Apologies to harp on but these need to be purchased in advance.
Payment I will sort out once I see the numbers and we can either pay in advance with say paypal or in cash on the day.

More info will be forth coming and if you have any questions ask away on this thread

05-13-2024, 02:41
Reserved for numbers

Boney10. Chris x3
Guntruck. Steve x2
Flying Helmut Tim x2
Mikeemagnus Mike x2
Tikkifriend Paul x2
Teaticket Peter x2
camel crew Iain x1
Flying Officer Kyte Rob x2
Scaflok Neil x2
Maverick Simon x1
Andrew x1
Hawkhurst Andy x2
Hedeby Chris x1
Mcdorf Gary x1
Clan Biggles John, Ruth, Hannah & Amy x4
Ardvaark1430 Guus x1
Cats Eyes Lex x1
Dan-Sam Daniel x1

Total 31

05-13-2024, 03:10
Put me down for 2 Chris

Flying Helmut
05-13-2024, 03:18
2 for me, please!

05-13-2024, 06:58
I have added the cost to post 1

05-13-2024, 09:51
2 for me please :)

05-13-2024, 14:29
Deux pour moi SVP

05-13-2024, 14:31
Might be an Idea to post this on the Italian site .

05-13-2024, 16:48
Put me down for 2 please.

05-14-2024, 01:48
An idea Paul, I will see about adding to the Italian, Dutch wings andif anyone knows of any others who may be coming after this weekend after I can have a chat with Rob and Chris at Partizan

camel crew
05-14-2024, 03:04
Put me down for one, Chris :thumbsup:

Flying Officer Kyte
05-14-2024, 06:20
I will take a couple too Chris.

05-16-2024, 07:33
2 for me please

05-17-2024, 04:12
One for me please Chris… thought I had already posted my request

05-17-2024, 15:49
I'm gonna get mine reserved this time around! :D

One for me please Chris!

05-19-2024, 01:40
One for me please ;)
Guus :salute:

Cats Eyes
05-22-2024, 06:52
hi Chris, one for me please. Thank you

06-17-2024, 07:06
Still a couple of weeks for badge orders, please pass around.
Also this is open to any forum member who may like a badge.
Any overseas member would have to pay postage though

07-05-2024, 04:04
Last call for a badge for this years Doncaster, I shall be making the order next week end so if you want a badge, attending or not put your name in this thread.