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07-09-2023, 23:02
Mighty EasyJet told me there is a much cheaper flight ticket back to Prague on Monday than on Sunday. That means I have an extra day for UK. I want to ask you about recommendations how I should spend it. I have been in York, Leeds and Doncaster (Conisbrough Castle included) in past and I plan to spend a day in Manchester before our event (I need to fly ther for both my ways). In normal conditions I would spend it in Peak District, but there is not enough space in my small bag for hiking boots. So what do you think, fellow pilots? Sheffield?

07-10-2023, 02:09
Try Leicester. You can visit the Richard 111 centre Have an excellent Indian curry and get some wonderful Red Leicester cheese and Melton Mobray pork pies.

07-10-2023, 03:07
OK, I'll check travel options. Noted :)

07-10-2023, 10:20
Bit of bias since i went to the then Polytechnic from 1977 - 1980 then stayed till 1986 before moving to Plymouth.

07-11-2023, 02:53
Why don't we go to the railway museum in York?
Happy to provide a taxi service...

07-11-2023, 03:24
Saving it for next year - my friend Pavel, a train driver, wants to visit it also. I'll be alone this time.