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09-05-2023, 04:33
Maybe a Brazilian extra ? :sick::surrender: Get well soon chaps. :pint:

09-05-2023, 05:26
Not us either, Steve. Feeling fine right now. Hope it stays that way too as off to Canada in a while :)
Yep, the weekend was a blast and it was especially good to see old friends again. Must get around to posting a few pics. Many thanks to everybody involved in organizing the event and especially to those of you who played the White Cliffs Mission. I didn't play it, but enjoyed watching those who did. It was the first time I put that particular game on, so I admit to having been a little nervous at the start - but hopefully everyone enjoyed it, particularly Paul who managed to destroy the hospital where I was going to be born a few years later ;) More of that, with the pics, later.
Really enjoyed David's race ;) and Chris's Two seater fight. Agree with David re the mayhem that was the Ace of Aces - great fun :)
And yes, get well soon those who are unwell :(

09-05-2023, 07:32
What is it with you guys at Doncaster? There seems to be a running theme of which lurgy will it be this year and who will bring it?

I should talk as I have a history of close to 50% of coming home with something from one of our US convnetions. Its a tough combination of getting run down and hanging out with all us gamer types!:p

Hope everyone under the weather recovers quickly.

09-05-2023, 09:33
The White Cliffs Raid - Donnie 2023

330653 330654

Preparation for take off. Whilst early examination of the prizes and the Bring and Buy stall is still going on.

330655 330656


Then : Down to business.

330658 330659


The Brits – OK sorry Arjan, but you know what I mean ;)
L to R Arjan, from Holland (Flying a Camel and a Sopwith Baby – the others a Camel each), Amy (Who is not Emma – apologies Amy), Gary and Iain.


The Germans – L to R - Hanna (Please turn around – ok don’t then :) (HB W12); Paul (HB W29); Steve (Gotha Bomber); Peter (HB W29)

So its Thunderbirds go, or should that be Bluebirds? Certainly not the sort Vera Lynn had in mind forty two years from now!

330662 330663

Approaching the Kent coastline. Someone (Steve) shot the baby on the way! And it was only trying to get home after a long and wearisome patrol down the coast.

330664 330665


Camels closing in. RNAS from the west; RFC from the east


Some of the pilots appear to be smoking on the job!

330668 330669

Not sure what the hand signal means Arjan and by the looks of it, that may have been the moment I got Amy’s name mixed up with someone else :eek:

330670 330671


The Hun are selecting their targets, wondering what the hell they all are :)


Oops – I know smoking is bad for your health but that’s harsh. Amy down – second kill to Steve.

330674 330675

Paul strafes a ground target. Destroys it. What! Its a hospital – The one where I am meant to be born in years to come! Well I’m not pleased about that, but someone is bound to be ;) and Oh Lordy – another kill to Steve – Arjan this time I believe. That makes it three – so far!

330676 330677

Paul strikes again – two more targets in quick succession. Number 9 is a chicken shack (based on a true story from Dover Historian – Two chickens and a pet rabbit killed – I guess someone will not go hungry tonight). But target 10 is Swingate Down Airfield, one time home to the RFC but now already handed over to our American friends from the good old U.S. of A. and renamed the Dover American Air Base (July 1917). Targets both destroyed.
Not satisfied with that. Paul strikes yet again – Damage to Guston airport this time, home of the RNAS. If any of the Camels survive they may have to find alternative fields to land in.

330678 330679

330680 330681

But it isn’t all one sided. Gary knocks Peter out of the sky and had they but known it Steve was pretty shot up at this stage. Despite this he blazes away and down goes victim number 4. And as you can see, the sea is so flat calm and mirror like, a face appears in the water – oh, and the strip light sun shining down.

330682 330683

OK Gary, so if you cannot shoot them down crash them out – that seems to work well in other games – well it certainly did during the Ace of Aces :) Miss this time though ;)


And while the RFC pilots are mostly engaged in wondering what damage Gary has drawn - Next up for the Dastardly Steve, a troop ship lying at anchor alongside the Eastern Arm – wow Steve, what a red letter day huh!


But these Hun are not done yet! Just look at the focus!

330686 330687

Paul is back in action – bombs away – Good strike on another ship, this time along side the Prince of Wales pier at the western end of the harbour. But what’s this? Oh dear. A hospital ship this time, disembarking refugee women and children from Belgium and France! Paul, my friend, they won’t let you back into France at this rate ;)

Unfortunately I lost the last few pics somehow, but suffice to say it was a great victory for the forces of the Kaiser and no doubt the medals will be dished out on their return to their barns – especially to Steve who ended the day on five kills and a Troop ship destroyed. And with a single point of damage left on the Gotha!

Thanks guys – It was fun to watch :)

09-05-2023, 09:49
Thanks for the AAR Mike!:thumbsup: Beautiful set up. Hope they rebuild the hospital in time for you to be born there.;)

Hu Rhu
09-05-2023, 09:52
Can I just say thank you to those that organised such a wonderful weekened and to all those who attended and made me feel so welcome. As a newcomer it is always a bit daunting to enter the bearpit for the first time but everyone was so friendly. I had a blast, played some great games and made some new friends. Thanks to all and here's to next year.

09-05-2023, 10:05
WOW - what an awesome game Mike. Thanks for hosting and then posting!:guns::guns::guns::thumbsup:

09-05-2023, 11:14
That was a great game to play. I think I got more kills in that game than I did in the whole of the previous Doncaster.

Flying Officer Kyte
09-05-2023, 12:16
Only got chance to pop in a few times to see how the game was going so thanks for this overview of the game Mike.
Well done that man.


Flying Officer Kyte
09-05-2023, 12:19
Oh, bye the way, I have started a cough this afternoon too.

09-05-2023, 15:24
Great looking game - well done, Mike.

Flying Helmut
09-06-2023, 05:07
Superb terrain, and a highly entertaining narrative!

REP! :guns:

09-06-2023, 07:18
Thanks all. Glad you enjoyed it - some very fond memories of the whole weekend included. Here's to you all :pint::pint::pint::pint::pint:

09-06-2023, 07:31
Hope they rebuild the hospital in time for you to be born there. Cheers Peter. Rumour has it they did. But I do wonder sometimes :)

Cats Eyes
09-06-2023, 12:21
Thank you all for a great weekend. I had great fun. Hope to see you all next year at the tenth anniversary. :thumbsup:

09-06-2023, 15:31
Will have to start thinking of ways to make next year the best ever.

09-08-2023, 01:43
Thank you all for what was a great weekend! I must say I haven't enjoyed myself that much for a long time. Thanks in particular to all those who put on some superb games over the weekend. I particularly enjoyed ‘The White cliffs of Dover’ game with its superb terrain, run by Mike.
Ace of Aces on Sunday, Superb! well run by Chris … an absolute blast! ….. although I did manage to get shot down (twice) by Neil. (The sacrifices you have to make to help someone become the Ace of Aces). Thanks also to Tim who allowed us to put our grubby fingerprints all over his superb models.
A Great weekend, Great Venue and most importantly with a Great crowd of People.

09-08-2023, 11:24
Glad you enjoyed it Peter, we aim to please.